Mariah Joins Oprah’s Music Club

Her fans radiant and her hair back to its “Vision Of Love”-era curl tangle, Mariah Carey brought her desperation-borne cover of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” to Oprah‘s makeshift set in Central Park today. While she certainly did hit some old-school Mariah high notes while on stage, the performance further magnified the reworking’s odd pacing. (Oh well, at least her fan-read intro did include data points about her numerous No. 1s. Because you can’t argue with data! Except when it paints Mimi in a bad light!) Clip after the jump.

Anyway, expect the usual gaggle of Mariah fans to flood this post’s comment section and tell me that I’m wrong for hearing anything bad at all. Yay!

Video: Mariah Carey Performs “I Want To Know What Love Is” On Oprah [Neon Limelight]

  • chachwitablog

    I’m not a LAMB (although as you know I’m a big booster of “Lovin U Long Time”), but doesn’t this sound pretty great? I also like the studio version of her cover, too….maybe something is wrong with me but I really love the awesomeness of Mariah Carey of all people covering a cheesy-but-amazing Foreigner power ballad.

    If she had just waited a little bit to release “Obsessed” on iTunes (like until it actually had a foothold at radio) she could have already had her next #1, considering its current chart and radio performance. Of course then she may not have turned to Foreigner for a follow-up. I’m actually glad things “worked out” the way they did, considering how much I genuinely like this cover.

  • TheMozfather

    I love the homosexual front row. And by love, I mean, I want to have sex with.