Dear Alphabeat: I Love You. Never Change. (Well, Don’t Change In A Bad Way.)

There is nothing at all that is revolutionary about the Danish pop collective Alphabeat’s video for “The Spell”—they’re basically playing on a disco ball, with Stine Bramsen looking resplendent and adorable while vamping to the song’s lyrics. But man, that song! It has grown into one of my favorite pop tunes of the year, a bubbly first-crush anthem that’s propelled by a keyboard line that’s half-“Step On,” half-outro to “Good Vibrations.” (I guess that’s what they meant by it having a ’90s influence!) Every time I hear it I want to turn into a whirling dervish, and the only thing that’s bad about that is that sometimes I want to jam out to this song in small enclosed spaces like planes and/or trains. Clip after the jump.

Alphabeat – The Spell [YouTube via Vicki]

  • rockymtranger

    One of my favorite songs of the year so far. Don’t forget that late-80s Freestyle influence. Can you say Expose?

  • Evie

    I feel like I’m unpacking boxes in my freshman dorm listening to this, for like 6,000 reasons.

  • MayhemintheHood

    I was hearing some Freestyle influence as well…must be going around, as Julian Casblancas’ new single is amazingly reminiscent of the genre as well(listening to both songs back to back, the main synth hooks even sound similar, ones just sped up).

  • Kate Richardson

    Great song, but they should have done something more narrative with the video so that Anders SG would have a little bit more to do than just jump around with the tambourine. He works it, though.

  • Job

    What rockymtranger and MayhemintheHood said (I was thinking of JC, as well!) but also, something non-Euro listeners might not be so quick to pick up on: ’80s Italo disco, a glorious universe of music onto itself.

  • musicquizking

    Between this and the Sally Shapiro album, I am in synth-crush heaven! Alphabeat have not let me down yet :)

  • JoshMock

    The 90s influence sounds more like that club techno/r&b stuff to me. Think Night at the Roxbury. They even have the clothes and the “running man” dance moves behind the keyboard.

    I guess it was only a matter of time before the 90s became popular again. (See “Heavy Cross” by Gossip, anything by Silversun Pickups, the spike in new shoegaze alternative bands for more examples)

  • allenglandclub

    I was thinking it’s totally Lisa Stansfield-tastic. In a great way. People need to figure out how to write these kinds of pop songs instead of the most recent US pop staples. This is the sound of happiness.