Dear Alphabeat: I Love You. Never Change. (Well, Don’t Change In A Bad Way.)

There is nothing at all that is revolutionary about the Danish pop collective Alphabeat’s video for “The Spell”—they’re basically playing on a disco ball, with Stine Bramsen looking resplendent and adorable while vamping to the song’s lyrics. But man, that song! It has grown into one of my favorite pop tunes of the year, a bubbly first-crush anthem that’s propelled by a keyboard line that’s half-“Step On,” half-outro to “Good Vibrations.” (I guess that’s what they meant by it having a ’90s influence!) Every time I hear it I want to turn into a whirling dervish, and the only thing that’s bad about that is that sometimes I want to jam out to this song in small enclosed spaces like planes and/or trains. Clip after the jump.

Alphabeat – The Spell [YouTube via Vicki]