Oh Wow: The Kanye West/Lady GaGa “Fame Kills” Tour Is D.O.A.

Oct 1st, 2009 // 12 Comments

Holy crap, turns out the rumors about the Kanye West / Lady GaGa arena tour being off were true; Live Nation has announced that the tour’s been canceled, and that refunds will be issued. (Well, you got this one, MediaTakeOut.) More to come, I’m sure… [ABC / Earlier; HT: AV Club]


  1. CNN headline: “Kanye West’s ‘Fame Kills’ tour meets swift end.”


  2. I’m pretty sure we can blame Kanye for Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics, too.

  3. @chachwitablog: Something tells me that there were other factors at play

  4. @Maura: aw way to be a downer! true, though. I’d just LIKE to blame Kanye for this.

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