A Small Repository Of Duran Duran-Referencing Headlines In Honor Of Rio’s Winning Olympic Bid

Now that Rio de Janeiro has officially been named the site for the 2016 Olympic Games, we can all blare Duran Duran’s 1982 album Rio and revel in its glossiness. To that end, here’s a smattering of Rio-referencing headlines that overworked, synthpop-loving copyeditors can use in the many stories they’re going to have to edit for the rest of the day.

Hear Them Shout Across The Land: “Overwhelming, spectacular, unbelievable” Dancing On The Sand: Party breaks out on Copacabana beach Looks Like They’re The Best: Rio Nabs ’16 Olympics When She Shines, She Really Shows You All She Can: Why Rio Nabbed The Games Save A Prayer For The Windy City: Why Chicago Lost The 2016 Bid Feel free to add your own! Especially since I can’t really think of anything good for “Hungry Like The Wolf.”Rio wins vote to host 2016 Olympics [PA]Duran Duran – Rio [Dailymotion]