A Small Repository Of Duran Duran-Referencing Headlines In Honor Of Rio’s Winning Olympic Bid

Now that Rio de Janeiro has officially been named the site for the 2016 Olympic Games, we can all blare Duran Duran’s 1982 album Rio and revel in its glossiness. To that end, here’s a smattering of Rio-referencing headlines that overworked, synthpop-loving copyeditors can use in the many stories they’re going to have to edit for the rest of the day.

Hear Them Shout Across The Land: “Overwhelming, spectacular, unbelievable”
Dancing On The Sand: Party breaks out on Copacabana beach
Looks Like They’re The Best: Rio Nabs ’16 Olympics
When She Shines, She Really Shows You All She Can: Why Rio Nabbed The Games
Save A Prayer For The Windy City: Why Chicago Lost The 2016 Bid

Feel free to add your own! Especially since I can’t really think of anything good for “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Rio wins vote to host 2016 Olympics [PA]
Duran Duran – Rio [Dailymotion]

  • dusty vinyl

    Angry Like The Wolf: Political recriminations in the aftermath of Chicago losing out to Rio

  • Lucas Jensen

    You better be “Hungry Like The Wolf” to eat at this churrascaria?

  • Bruno the Fishing Dog

    The lyrics to “Rio” the song have always left me with the impression that they aren’t sure where “Rio” the city is.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Last Chance on the Stairway: Chicago Olympic Bid Fails

  • k-rex

    The lyrics are quite obviously not about Rio de Janeiro or any other of the many geographic locations called Rio this or that. Rio is a girl. She dances on the sand. And, as the lyric states, “rio” means river; a thing, not a place, which this girl is both named after and in some way could be said to resemble.

  • Bruno the Fishing Dog

    @k-rex: The lyric also states that she dances “across the Rio Grande” which is even more confusing – she’s like a river, but also dancing across the river? Plus, the video (which shares the tropical location of their other music videos from the album) seems as if it is meant to evoke the fun and romance of Rio de Janeiro. And decidedly not the fun and romance of southern Texas.

    So, I am mistaken. It’s not really the lyrics, but everything else about the song, taken with the lyrics, that seems geographically confused. But – ha ha – I’m pretty sure Duran Duran, having toured the world, having traveled far and wide just to film their tropical videos (quick search – Sri Lanka and Antigua. Huh!), knew exactly where everything was. It was only a dumb joke.

  • Hyman Decent

    Flash forward to 2016:
    Hungry like the wolf: Criminal gangs are on the hunt, after Rio’s Olympic tourist influx

  • claudemtl777

    Hold back the rain: praying for good weather in Rio