Madonna And Lady GaGa Attempt To Justify Their Love Of Being In The Spotlight

Oct 4th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Last night, Madonna continued her recent tradition of passing torches to up-and-coming pop stars via an appearance on Saturday Night Live in which she blessed Lady GaGa with her jealousy and confusion. The two were ostensibly guests on the dance-music-centric Deep House Dish, although mainly having the two of them share a stage was little more than a way to set up a retread of the “Catfight!” episode of Seinfeld, only with more PVC. Also, this reporter felt like the collective listlessness of Madge and GaGa when they first appeared was a weird sort of homage to Britney Spears’ hot mess of a Video Music Awards performance in 2007. (Starting any somewhat-awkward dance-pop performance with a closeup of ratty blonde hair kinda starts things off on a weird foot, no?) Clip after the jump.

Yeah, kind of stupid. That Facebook song was pretty catchy—and Danny already has an updated status!

And in the continued tradition of artists having their songs ruined by the SNL sound tech, here’s GaGa’s performance of “Paparazzi” from the show:

Saturday Night Live: Deep House Dish [Hulu]
Lady GaGa – Paparazzi – Live on SNL [October 3, 2009] [YouTube]

  1. I’d just like to point out that I called GaGa as a would-be Deep House Dish guest something like nine months ago. In my envisioning, she’d have been played by Maya Rudolph; I’d still kinda like to see that.

  2. @joshservo: When I first started listening to Lady GaGa, at one point I did some research to make sure she was not Nellie McKay in disguise. And what is she up to these days?

  3. That was painful to watch. The laugh track didn’t help.

  4. @k-rex: Nellie McKay is writing the music for the stage musical version of “Election,” naturally.

  5. @joshservo: I’m with you — both w/r/t to the Nellie McKay homage and the humanizing factor. A friend pointed out to me that we learned more about who she reall is under all the makeup and costumes in that little ditty than anything that’s been in the press in the past year.

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