Jennifer Lopez Enters The Flop-Record Protection Program

Apparently Jennifer Lopez is still worried that the stench of failed recording artist is still lingering over her, even though it’s been a full two years since her last album Brave dropped and subsequently sank like a stone. Her new single, the Pitbull-assisted “Fresh Out The Oven,” isn’t credited to Jennifer Lopez, or even to J. Lo; instead, the song is “by” the anonymous, uncomfortably shod “Lola,” who’s MySpace besties with the likes of Beyonce, Lady GaGa, and Lindsay Lohan. Will this identity shift result in Sasha Fierce-sized success, or is this project going to be J. Lo’s very own The Life Of Chris Gaines? Clip after the jump.

So I guess Lola isn’t “the able-to-sing alter ego of J. Lo”? Too bad.Jennifer Lopez/Lola feat. Pitbull – Fresh Out the Oven [YouTube]Lola [MySpace]