Oct 7th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Tonight at 7 ET on WPRB, Idolator Holiday Music Correspondent Jon Solomon has a very special edition of his weekly radio show that features brand-new live sets by the scorching Brooklyn band Obits, the rad New Jersey outfit Screaming Females, the ever-charming Spinto Band, the spirited outfit Danielson, and the old-school Philly indie act Caterpillar. It’s part of the pledge drive for Princeton University’s radio station (of which I am an alumna, even though I went to school miles away), and to that end, singer-songwriter Jennifer O’Connor will play covers chosen by people who donate money to the station. A good cause, and finer-than-fine music to match! [Keeping Score At Home]


  1. I just discovered Screaming Females’ “Boyfriend” a few weeks ago. Like Maura said: RAD.


  2. Wow. Caterpillar’s still around? I jammed to a couple of their seven-inches back in the day, ordered through Simple Machines mailorder I believe…

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