“The Office” Breathes Life Into Chris Brown’s “Forever” One More Time

Oct 9th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Chris Brown better send someone at NBC a fruit basket, because last night’s (oddly vacillating between super-awkward and super-saccharine, in this reporter’s opinion) wedding episode of imported Britcom The Office revived the whole “wedding procession that uses ‘Forever’” meme for the purposes of allowing the cast to wackily dance down the aisle. How has America responded to this reappropriation of this summer’s hottest nuptially related YouTube meme? With their mouse-clicking fingers! “Forever” has re-entered the iTunes charts once more; it currently sits there at No. 32—one spot below the troubled singer’s aggro new single “I Can Transform Ya.” A clip of the dancing, after the jump.

It’s nice to see that NBC paid Sony Music enough to allow embeddable copies of the clip to live off-site! I guess that’s what pre-roll ads are for.

The Office Wedding Dance [NBC.com]

  1. As a fan of the NBC version of The Office, I found this episode to be utterly, utterly bizarre (the seen where Kevin’s shoes were destroyed felt incredibly strange, and had no punchline). Having said that, the use of this particular song with this scene was lovely, especially since they juxtaposed the insanity of Dunder-Mifflin sashaying down the aisle with those quite lovely scenes of Pam and Jim right near the Falls. It was well used, but it does not negate the idiotic things Chris Brown says on his Twitter account.

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