Alicia Keys Wants To Know: Which Element Of The Periodic Table Best Represents “Freedom”?

Oct 9th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Alicia Keys’ forthcoming album, which comes out Dec. 1, has one of those silly titles that have become so commonplace this year: It’s called The Element Of Freedom, even if its lead single sounds like it hasn’t really broken free of the template established by her 2007 monster single “No One.” But no matter! This is a fine time to ask what element from the periodic table you think best represents the concept of freedom. My pick is neon, because you can’t have bright blinking signs advertising American flags and beers without it. Other peoples’ choices, after the jump!

Marah Eakin, publicist at Bloodshot Records: “Helium, I think. Although some pro-nuclear people would say uranium.”

Eric Harvey, Marathon Packer: “I say argon. Delicious argon. It’s a noble gas!”

Reed Fischer, man about RSS: “Fe (iron), if we believe that the Liberty Bell is made of said material. Or rutherfordium: ‘Isolation of an observable quantity of rutherfordium has never been achieved.’ ”

Christopher R. Weingarten, master of brevity: “OXYGEN ALL THE WAY. It’s free to breathe everywhere. We go to Iraq and make people stop breathing oxygen! The terrorists in 9/11 took away 3,000 persons’ right to breathe oxygen!”

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