Camera Obscura Continue To Be Quietly Awesome

Oct 12th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Camera Obscura is one of those bands that I feel gets kind of jobbed by the headline-grasping nature of the curious beast that is “overly indie-skewing music journalism” these days. The Glaswegians keep pumping out chiming, beautiful pop, choosing to just release insanely catchy music (and adorable videos) instead of grasping for headlines or engaging in egregious myth-making or babbling about how they’ve taken so many drugs, you guys. And it’s hard not to wonder if their profile suffers for it—after all, in this increasingly distracted age, artists can vault to pageview-generating fame simply because of their status as near-disasters who people love to hate, with anything they do musically coming in second (or lower) on the “pressing concerns” scale. Anyway, above is the video for Camera Obscura’s new single “The Sweetest Thing,” and after the jump is the clip for another song from their new-ish album My Maudlin Career, “French Navy.”

So good, right? Man, I’m starting to think that everyone needs an Internet time-out.

Camera Obscura – “The Sweetest Thing” [YouTube via MBV]
Camera Obscura – “French Navy” [YouTube]
Indie-Rock Success So Sudden, It Actually Hurts [Washington Post]
Camera Obscura [MySpace]

  1. My, that’s just nice. Perfect way to wrap up a brutal Monday.

  2. They played Oslo two weeks ago. When did I find out? The day after. Sigh…

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