Rihanna Is Apparently Hatching Something

“THE WAIT IS OVA – 11.23.09,” proclaims a just-posted message on the official Web site of shape-shifting pop star Rihanna. That day’s a Monday, so who knows if what’s cooking will be a single or an album or what, but is it too much for me to hope that the misspelling of “over” was not just intentional, it’s an indication that her whole project will be themed after eggs? [RihannaNow.com]

  • http://vivalamainstream.wordpress.com VivaLaMainstream

    that’s the last Monday before Thanksgiving, meaning if it were an album, she’d have the advantage of potentially epic Black Friday sales propelling her (assuming, of course, that people are still apt to buy CDs)

  • k-rex

    How is the wait over? That’s over a month away. Are marketing people just that much more patient than the rest of us?

  • baconfat

    @VivaLaMainstream: black friday has typically not been a major boost for cd sales (in my personal experience) – people may be out in stores, yes, but they’re usually shopping for big-ticket items. from what i’ve seen, cd sales tend to increase over the weeks leading up to christmas following thanksgiving, peaking the saturday before christmas day. the overall numbers might show different as i’m just speaking from years in indie record retail as opposed to big boxes.