Today brings yet another entrant in the What Is Wrong With People Race: A dude went to a Leona Lewis book signing in London with the express intent of punching the singer in the head, and succeeded. No, seriously, what is wrong with people? Who does that? Someone who’s been angry about the 2006 X Factor results for too long of a time? An aspiring comedy writer hoping to set up a super-elaborate joke based on the title of her single “Better In Time”? An asshole? Yeah, probably an asshole. [AP]

  • memento

    She is literally the most inoffensive person in pop music so this makes no sense in any context even aside from the “violence is bad” angle.

    If they wanted to punch someone that badly, they could have at least saved it for the next time Kid Rock rolled into town. Or Katy Perry for crimes against fruit.

  • drunkwithpower

    I don’t like her but I definitely don’t want to punch her. Why aren’t people out there socking those who really deserve it, like Gene Simmons?

  • Thierry

    @drunkwithpower: In that specific case, it’s probably out of fear of getting their hands anywhere close to his tongue.

    But, yeah, I don’t care for Leona’s music, but she isn’t exactly Dick Cheney or, is she?

  • dusty vinyl

    It’s the risk any pop star takes when they meets fans. She’d already met over 200 in the queue chatting to them, signing their books etc. There was security there but the person who hit her waited until after she had signed the book he bought before jumping across the desk to punch her before being dragged away by three security guards.

  • Maura

    When he reached the front of the queue he lashed out, after which five of Lewis’s security team jumped on him and pinned him down.

    As Lewis, 24, ran away, Peter shouted: “I love you Leona!”

    She responded: “I don’t love you!”