Universal Music Group Really Hoping That People Will Want To Buy Albums This Holiday Season

Oct 14th, 2009 // 2 Comments

So apparently that cryptic message about Nov. 23 left on Rihanna’s Web site last night was not about anything egg-related, despite its use of “ova”; instead, it was meant to be a signal that the Barbadian singer’s still-untitled fourth studio album will come out on that day. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, and the Monday before the holiday-shopping season kicks in. And to celebrate, Universal Music Group is apparently readying six big-name releases for that day! The list of “Super Monday” albums, via Rap-Up:

50 Cent, Before I Self Destruct
Birdman, Pricele$$
Jay Sean, All or Nothing
Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster
Rihanna, Title TK
Timbaland, Timbaland Presents Shock Value II

Well, OK, so the definition of “big” is a little bit elastic there. (How long has that 50 Cent record been “coming soon,” honestly.) But the one-two punch of GaGa and Rihanna—and maybe even the guests on Timbaland’s album, which is rumored to include guest shots by the likes of GaGa, Justin Timberlake, and Brandy—should certainly lure people over to the parts of Wal-Mart and Target that sell records, and maybe even cause them to blow out the cobwebs at their local FYE. (There are still a few of those left, right?) Also on the docket for that week as of now: TV-spawned sensations Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle, and the Pope.

Confession time, though: This reporter is really thinking that this holiday season’s record-release gift is the Robin Thicke album currently scheduled to drop in early December. But you might disagree!

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  1. @Chris Molanphy: Not sure if I would call that line-up weaksauce. Even at their worst, that list includes a list of 3 of the biggest names in pop music of the decade. (4 if we count GaGa)

    But I guess my main thought is that a few 150-200k movers doesn’t seem like weaksauce anymore in late 2009. Wouldn’t it be some record for the year if more than a couple albums topped 2009 in a single week, or am I under-exaggerating the strength of the industry a little? I guess even if the album sales are lukewarm, the singles market should be pretty fantastic. I’m actually excited to hear what Rihanna and Timbo may be cooking up.

    What’s more surprising though is what you pointed out – how you haven’t really heard anything about the release schedule. Quite telling. And these albums should all have singles dropping ASAP if they are going to be released in a mere month.

    If Birdman tops 50 though, wow…that really will be the end of things.

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