Oct 15th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Earlier this week I was tracking MTV’s bleep-button trigger-finger, so it seems that I should mention this: Last night marked the prime-time debut of Peaches’ 2002 stripper favorite “Fuck The Pain Away,” thanks to a jaw-dropping episode of South Park that was focused on twin outbreaks of prostitution in the cartoon Colorado town. The track didn’t reach the f-word-happy chorus, but it did manage to have the “titties” in its opening line pass without being bleeped. [South Park Studios; fairly NSFW, even though it somehow got past the censors]

  1. Considering South Park said “shit” several hundred times in one episode a few years back, show people defecating, and so on, I think the word “titties” is not the censors’ biggest concerns. It’s a very different beast.

  2. @theendofirony: Agreed. Not to keep going further off-topic, but I have noticed in the last few seasons that basic cable seems to have decided that at certain hours everything but the F-bomb is acceptable. Mad Men routinely has characters saying “(bull)shit” uncensored now.

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