Kris Allen Celebrates Breasts By Covering (Travis’ Cover Of) Britney Spears

Oct 16th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Reigning American Idol Kris Allen played a Cincinnati-area concert benefiting breast cancer charities last night, and in addition to covering Michael Jackson and Kanye West, he performed a bit of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time.” Or rather, he performed a bit of the sleepy version flogged by the Scottish outfit Travis, thus solidifying his image in my mind as “the cute guy who probably had a lot of girls wanting him to bring his guitar over to their dorm rooms back in the day.” [YouTube via A Socialite's Life / Other "...Baby" Covers]

  1. De lurking. I decided to wade into the shallow end to start.

    I am not sure that just covering a song acoustically really makes it a totally new interpretation.

    I read an interview with Jack White that made me rethink the idea of cover songs. He looks at cover songs as a sort of oral musical history, were you pass down songs and musical ideas through the generations.

    I actually like David Cook. Despite the “Billie Jean” debacle. I think he is an underrated idol winner. Not a lot of radio success, but he is slogging his way through an 130 date and counting tour. He has a pretty tight band made up of pre idol band mates.

    They put together a nice cover of Cutting Crews “Died In Your Arms”

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