Adam Lambert Will Not Be Restrained

Oct 20th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Our every-so-often look at the closing lines of new-music reviews brings us to a roundup of reactions to Adam Lambert’s first single, “Time For Miracles.” The Alain Johannes/Natasha Shneider-penned superpower ballad was released to the iTunes Store over here today after leaking over the weekend. After the jump, a sampling of reactions from American Idol experts:

• ”The biggest challenge for Adam, as far as I see it, is there really isn’t anyone quite like him on modern radio — a male singer with a monster-truck-sized voice who isn’t afraid to bring the bombast and the drama to match it. But I’m guessing that Adam — with his vampires-vs.-aliens chic and booming instrument — will be impossible for even the least adventurous radio programmer to ignore.” [Michael Slezak, EW]

• ”Lambert communicates this context through a world-weary approach in the early part of the song, including a nice, depressive blue note in the middle of the first verse and a vocal crack a few phrases later. There’s not much drama for him to milk here — no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise, just an aching heart and some deeply familiar romantic imagery. Lambert works his way through the undying flames by keeping it conversational, adding a slightly soulful twist as the strings swirl behind him. Then, three minutes in, Lambert’s melismatic growl signals that the summit’s within sight.” [Ann Powers, LAT]

• ”Don’t get me wrong, Idol fans. I think ‘Time for Miracles’ is awesomely (and appropriately) over the top. I appreciate the build-up, which allows for Adam to showcase both sides of his meaty vocal chops: tenderly quiet and ear-drum-bashing-octave-jumping-fist-pumping loud. But considering Lambert and his record label, 19 Recordings/RCA, have been vocal about ‘Time for Miracles’ being a side project that doesn’t reflect the tone of his major label debut, isn’t it odd that they’d allow this non-album throwback track be the first taste the world gets of their new performer?” [Jim Cantiello, MTV]

• ”Adam Lambert can go bombastic every time he steps into a recording studio or up to a mic, but I hate wailers. So what if a person can hit high notes? That doesn’t make great music (see Mariah, Christina, et al). I’ve always thought Lambert would be most interesting if he reigns [sic] it in, controls it…for entire songs. Not abandoning it all together, but not always performing those glory notes.” [Top Idol]

Time For Miracles [iTunes]
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  1. jjb

    Any chance of slapping a [sic] on “reigns it in”? My tolerance for that error has recently run out.

  2. Top Idol seems like an idiot, for more reasons than one.

  3. As I was saying elsewhere earlier, this really sounds like something Johannes and Schneider wrote for Chris Cornell (I’d be curious to know the track’s copyright date) around the time of his solo record, on which they backed him – and I think Cornell in his prime could’ve killed it.

    As for Slezak’s review, has he heard of a little band called Muse that seems to be doing pretty well on modern rock radio?

  4. Is it just me, or is today’s schlock worse than the schlock of yore? As cheesy as they were, Diane Warren destruction ballads like “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” and “My Heart Will Go On” had a tunefulness and memorability factor that are totally lacking in today’s crop. This just sounds like a mashup between something by Daughtry and the songs that didn’t make it onto the last Fray album.

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