Five Possible Conclusions To Draw From The Photos Previewing Chris Brown’s Forthcoming Video

Today Chris Brown posted a collage of photos from the video shoot for his new, aggro single “I Can Transform Ya” to his blog, which is a strange hybrid of news about the image-rehabilitating singer and odd, non-Brown-related celebrity tidbits. (Whatever gets the pageviews, I guess.) After the jump, the preview image in full, and five possible conclusions about the video that can be drawn from it.

1. A Lil Wayne guitar solo will be edited into the song’s final mix. Because the song wasn’t aggro enough originally, I guess.
2. The Graffiti in the album’s title will probably be green-screened in during post. Those walls sure are stark for something that’s promoting an album with that particular title. Unless Brown’s changed the record’s name last-minute to Clean Slate?
3. The suit-tucked-into-combat-boots look (shown in the bottom photo) is a really, really bad one. Must we relive all the unfortunate “grunge”-inspired fashion shows of the ’90s?
4. Chris has spent his time out of the spotlight hitting the gym The abs he’s flaunting at the bottom are worthy of a B2K member. Kill ‘em with tautness?
5. Brown will be playing with metaphor. Look at the right-hand picture in the second-to-last row and tell me if that isn’t a nutcracker. Ee-oww! Looks like someone’s afraid of being transformed himself.


  • TheRunningboard7

    I don’t think “I have violent tendancies” is the message you want to put out. Also, is Lil’ Wayne metal enough for a BC Rich?!?!?! I’m just kidding, everyone I know guts them as soon as they get them (which is why I stick with RGs! RGs, Lil’ Wayne!)

  • Nicolars

    Chris Brown couldn’t even Gobot someone, let alone Transform them.

  • Thierry

    When I saw the photo above the jump, I thought we were going to get from Brown a tribute to Monty Python’s silly walks. Colour me disappointed!

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