Weezer Throw A Hootenanny

Weezer’s video for the still-insanely-catchy “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” dispenses with their recent Internet obsession and drops the band into an old-timey setting—in a land populated only by dudes of various ages who, curiously, all resemble Weezer’s members to varyingly creepy degrees. But then a woman arrives, and wreaks a predicable amount of bloody havoc. There’s even a scene where somebody gets hit by a car, which I think makes the whole “vehicular injury” motif an official music-video trend? Clip after the jump.

(You guys hear a bit of “Town Called Malice” in there too, right? Yeah.)

Weezer – If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To) [Babelgum]
Weezer [Official site]
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  • http://www.lovehatesociety.com LHS

    A world where everyone looked like Weezer and liked Weezer? So what, it takes place in the year 1998?

    Also, don’t you ever compare post-2000 Weezer to the Jam again. Ever.

  • ThreeGreen

    I like how after every shot of a Weezer-ized townsperson, then they cut to the correlating band member, as if we were so stupid that we wouldn’t have gotten the gag otherwise.

    Wait. Never mind, we probably are that stupid.

  • saturn

    @maura: is it “Town Called Malice” or “Hitsville UK”?

  • Thierry

    I hear the “Town Called Malice” in the verses, but (and this is a huge, unfortunate “but”) all I can hear when the chorus kicks in is “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

  • Al Shipley

    God, what I wouldn’t give to never see another video or movie where someone suddenly gets hit by a bus again.

    Hey holy shit I’m commenting and it’s working! Woah! Thank you, Maura!