The Sugababes Get Caught Waiting For The Bus

I was hoping that the crease buried in the background of the cover for the Sugababes’ forthcoming Sweet 7—you know, their attempt to break in America, the one that’s been more marked by intra-band squabbles and exhaustion-occasioned hospital stays and awkward attempts to channel the Pussycat Dolls than for anything resembling good pop—would indicate that it had some sort of Mad Fold-In thing for longtime fans going on, a secret hidden message that said “don’t worry about all this RedOne rubbish, it’ll blow over faster than you can say ‘we’re finally returning Richard X’s calls’.” Alas, all it did was make me a bit more certain that the three ladies were probably in different rooms (and maybe on different continents?) when the photos depicting them studiously not looking at each other were taken. Sigh ugh etc. [via Rohin Guha]