Oct 26th, 2009 // 7 Comments

A follow-up on some commentariat curiosity from a few weeks back: Pitchfork’s review of the indie-pandering soundtrack to the forthcoming vampire flick Twilight: New Moon, penned by Marc Hogan. The grade: 5.4. The crux of the issue: “The New Moon OST has all the touchstones of what is considered, by many who consider themselves cognoscenti, “good” music… but it uses its tastefulness to solidify the borders of what is acceptable, not to broaden them.” (Ahem.) The best probably unintentional pun, since the word “sparkle” wasn’t used once: “Like the rest of the tracks here, [the Lykke Li contribution] pales in comparison to the work on her own records.” [Pitchfork]

  1. The giant assumption that this was made to constrict the borders of what is cool seem like a cop out to justify the rating.

    Also, I discovered some bands from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack when I was a kid. I’m glad there wasn’t a web site around to tell me how uncool I was to like it.

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