Creed’s Path Toward Critical Respectability Hits A Speed Bump

Creed continued its promotional jaunt for its just-out album Full Circle today with a stop at Live With Regis And Kelly; the band performed its new single “Rain,” and, uh, well. Let’s just say that for a once-pummeled band that’s inching toward a full-on “hey, they weren’t that bad” critical reappraisal, frontman Scott Stapp sure did sound like he’d ingested some Magical Stay Out Of Tune With The Rest Of The Band beans right before going onstage. Clip after the jump.

I guess the guitars are kind of pretty, but… well, just for comparison’s sake, one of the “Creed Shreds” videos:

Which sounds better?

Creed – Rain (Live @ Regis and Kelly) [YouTube; HT Ned Raggett]
Creed Shreds! Funny Sounding Vocals! [YouTube]
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  • Evie

    Those “XX Shreds” videos are pure awesome. That guy is an evil genius.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Dear Lord, that’s out of tune. I think it’s not just Scott. I think one of the guitars is out, too, but it doesn’t matter with acoustic because you just have to strum them a lot to make them MEAN SOMETHING SPECIAL. It’s what’s kept the Jason Mraz’s of the world going.

  • TheRunningboard7

    Between Lisa Loeb, late-Liz Phair, and Natalie Imbruglia, I’m leaning towards Natalie Imbruglia inspiration for the lyrics (but I keep hearing Hillary Duff screaming “Let the RRAAAAIN fall down” in my head).

  • Lucas Jensen

    At least the song is short.

  • DJP

    all I keep thinking is “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS”

  • Bernard

    give him a break. it’s pretty early in the morning, and it’s a long drive to NYC from the gainsville denny’s.

  • urbanator

    DJP- That is EXACTLY what I hear as well.

  • Maura

    @Bernard: ahahaha best callback everrrrr

  • Maura

    Just as a data point, “Full Circle” is currently No. 1 on iTunes…

  • revmatty

    Wait, one of them is better than the other? They’re both still Creed so I’d have to dispute that contention.

  • LHS

    Um, he always sounds out of step with the band of smug, shallow jocks at the guitar mass. He just always goes for it way too hard from note one and blows his voice instantly, forgetting that there aren’t second takes, throat-coat, and studio tricks when you aren’t in a studio. Also, why does Scott Stapp remind me so much of Guy Fieri?

  • Thierry

    Unless someone can promise me that Stapp threw in a “YASSEAH!!!”, I’m not watching that first clip.