Parsing The Pulp, Part II: No, The Band Is Not Getting Back Together At Glastonbury

Oct 27th, 2009 // 1 Comment

58744095Yesterday’s cheeky Jarvis Cocker soundbite about the possibility of Pulp reforming for next year’s Glastonbury Festival sounded pretty much like a “we’re not playing” blow-off to these ears, but apparently other people didn’t pick up the nuance, running with “OMG PULP REUNION” stories as fast as their content-management systems would let them. So Jarvis has released a statement denying and decrying those rumors, and this time, he’s playing it 100% straightforward:

“I can categorically tell Teletext that Pulp have no plans to get back together. Someone asked me if I fancied playing at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury, I said yes, they twisted that into a ‘Pulp reform’ story. It’s not true.”

So there you go. Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to have a laugh with reporters: Unless the audio of your conversation is going to accompany whatever story’s being written, just sit back and save the joshing for your friends.

Pulp deny reunion rumours [Teletext via NME
Pulp - Help the aged [Dailymotion]
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  1. Jarvis just made a pretty great solo album, imo it’s pretty lame that people would rather treat that like chopped liver at the slightest indication (or less, really) that his old band might do even one gig again.

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