Jay-Z Compares AutoTuned-Out MCs To Hairspray-Crazy Hard Rockers

Oct 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

The No. 1 Yankee fan of right now speaks on the ripple that “Death Of Autotune (D.O.A.)” caused, and how he was just trying to, like, save hip-hop from itself and stuff: “I really wanted to have the conversation, like ‘are we just going to sound like each other? Everyone’s going to sound the same? That’s what we’re gonna do? Don’t ya’ll know this is dangerous? And this is just how rock and roll got pushed from the forefront?’ We did this to rock and roll. Everyone was doing the hair-band thing on MTV with the tight pants. They all had the big hair, just different colored tights. It just became about more of a look and a sound than the emotion of the music. And that’s what hip-hop’s becoming. It’s losing the emotion — you can’t have emotion in the robotic voice. I can’t feel anything!” I like to think that when Jay-Z surveys the landscape (once it’s been scrubbed of his AutoTune-utilizing pals like T-Pain and Kanye, of course), a tear comes to his eyes, and all he can see is the video after the jump:

Ah, God bless a day that gives me an excuse to post Nitro. Because you know, both of them are into the whole acronym thing

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