Adam Lambert Stomps Around The Stage

ARTIST: Adam Lambert
TITLE: “For Your Entertainment”
WEB DEBUT: Oct. 30, 2009

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The first “real” single from this year’s American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is the Dr. Luke-produced title track off his glamtastically covered album, and it’s pretty instantly recognizable as a creation of the Swedish producer: The stomp of “I Kissed A Girl” and “So What” is front-and-center, and Lambert’s vocals are electronically tamed. So tamed, in fact, that one wonders if the casual Idol viewer flipping across the dial and stumbling upon this song would only realize that it was the outlandish Idol if they listen really intently to the backing vocals at certain points. Kind of a curious choice, until you realize that the people in the Idol machine who are working on this album are not dumb; one suspects that they’re more than aware that the pop listening audience goes way, way beyond the rabid American Idol fanbase and are as a result prepping his album launch accordingly.

WHERE TO HEAR IT: The always-reliable MJ has a stream of the radio premiere, and it’ll apparently be available for legal download later today. (Speaking of not-dumb moves!)

  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    I continue to be amazed at how many elements of early ’00s trance tracks continue to be worked into current pop singles.

  • Evie

    It’s on now. It is super stompy, and they do process his voice too much, but I have this weird impulse to be a totally late blooming Adam champion.

  • NedRaggett

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Ain’t it great?

    Meantime can we just talk about how that cover is 10,000 times better than the album cover kthxbye.

  • urbanator

    Looking forward to the album, but I hope that it gets weirder than this. And that the music videos have some guy-on-guy.

  • dyfl

    Yes, that should be the album cover. And, uh, why doesn’t this song have a hook? I don’t even mind the vocal processing but there’s NO HOOK. I’m tired of radio singles that think they can get by just by having a strong production sound, even if that sound is from, say, 2004.

    I want Adam to succeed, he amuses me. But seriously dude, hooks. Melodies. Please. Thanks.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @dyfl: So, so true. How hard is it to have a keyboard do a descending line down a scale or something!

    What’s weird for me is hearing a guy sing a song like this. This kind of pop is usually the province of female popsters like Britney et al. I like that about it.

  • dyfl

    @Lucas Jensen: Yeah, I also liked the “gender swap” subtext — when i first heard it I kinda thought “Oh, Adam Lambert is Tiga now? Interesting.”

  • TimeFrame

    Well if anyone listened to anything from the Backstreet Boys new CD (I know it came and went with little fanfare) this is quite similar, except for the more outlandish vocals towards the end.

    For some reason I thought Lambert might have a more Robbie Williams ironic POV. But he didn’t have a hand in writing this so I can’t blame him for the clicheness of it all.

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    @TimeFrame: I don’t have a problem with Adam…but while I appreciate he might want to be a male Britney of a sort and think that is creative and could be brilliant, as a Robbie fan, Adam doesn’t appear to have the inner conflict and ambiguity it takes to really be Robbie (not that I nec. wish that on anyone), who’s one of my longtime favorite male popstars. [The only pop star I have seen since my Robbie days with a capability to be *like* him as an entertainer is Joe Jonas, but that would never happen unless someone kidnaps him from his family and writes him better songs for his voice than his brother seems willing to. Bummer.]

    I also prefer this cover…it seems like an obvious choice to have made this the album cover and the kitschy one the single. Der!

  • k-rex

    The more I actually hear Lambert’s music, I missed most of the TV stuff, the more I am baffled by the “glam” tag.
    Maybe if he, like so many others, would stop confusing “really good producer” with “competent songwriter”. Nothing in the verses has anything to do with entertaining me. Rather, it sounds like he is saying that the listener is there for his entertainment. And by entertainment, I mean raping. Seriously, this song is about rape.

  • TimeFrame

    @k-rex – Yes to the “glam” tag. I want to say to Lambert “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • JLM

    I totall love Adam’s first single!! It is edgy, sexy and does exactly what he promised – makes you want to dance you butt off. I think for the electro pop genre Adam has taken it up about 10 notches. I know his album will be a very eclectic mix of different genres (as he has said all along) and I can’t wait to see what all his has in store fou us. I love the way you can’t put him in a box and the guy has the pipes to sing just about anything that strikes his fancy. I love the tune and can’t wait till the album is released on Nov 23rd!!!

  • JLM

    @k-rex: That is ridiculous!! He is asking not taking. It is sexy and edgy, but isn’t saying I will do it and you have no choice. More like are you ready cause I am going to turn up the heat. LOL!!

  • JLM

    @TimeFrame: Adam totally gets the term. You people don’t seem to really know much about him. Check out his song (Before AI) at the Zodiac Club called “Crawl Thru Fire” on youtube. He was well know in LA in the underground scene there. He also had a band previous to that called Citizen Vein which did heavier rock – Modonna guitarist was the guitarist of his band. Adam is not some newby to the music world and he will do just about every genre around because he can – he has the pipes to do it all!!!

  • k-rex

    @JLM: “I’ma hurt ‘ya real good, baby” “t’s my show/Baby, do what I say” “I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed” “No escaping when I start/Once I’m in I own your heart/There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm/So hold on until it’s over” “It’s alright/You’ll be fine/Baby, I’m in control/Take the pain/Take the pleasure/I’m the master of both” “No escaping when I start” “There’s no way ‘ta ring the alarm/So hold on until it’s over”
    Bet you thought he was soft and sweet. Pulling out the worst lines actually dilutes it. There is no part of the song, except for the “for your entertainment” line that has nothing to do with the rest of the song, that is not something a chatty date rapist wouldn’t say during the act of forcible sexual assault.
    And you are right. I don’t know Adam Lambert well. If this is him, I really don’t want to. Not because he’s creepy’ I believe this song is more a sorry case of lazy songwriting cliches not going well together then any conscious pro-rape statement; but because he’s boring. And not glam. Velvet Goldmine was wrong; there is more to glam than wearing eyeliner and telling everyone you’re gay. (see; non-career of Jobriath)

  • JLM

    @k-rex: Okay you seem to have had some bad experiences. This is more like two really passionate lovers getting it on real crazy and not just being sweet and gentle about it and one being more dominant at that moment – think hot and sexy, not savage.
    But – More important is that it is talking about the relationship between an artist and their fans. Adam is a pretty over the top artist and really likes to surprise and blow people’s minds – “Close your eyes not your minds let me into your soul…Don’t trip of the bits I am about to display”. He also gives 150% to his performances and they happen to be very sexy at times. This is suppose to be yummy and fun, not taken where you are going, but it is also an artists warning that they aren’t going to play it safe . You gotta get to know Adam to get it. It is not what you are thinking though I promise.

  • propaganda-artist

    OMG. It’s happened. I think JLM is a Glambert, like for real. I tweeted about his other single (or whatever) a few weeks ago and I had two strangers reply to me telling me how wrong I was about AL. I’m pretty sure they just search for blog posts/tweets/comments that are negative and go defend Adam Lambert.

    I mean, I like the guy and all. But c’mon, you guys. Pick a better AI candidate. Like Kelly! (Or Allison Iraheta, for God’s sake.)

    Seriously. Click on JLM, look at his profile. He’s only commented on Adam Lambert posts.

    Juuuuuuuuust saying.

  • k-rex

    @JLM: Not really, but thank you for assuming my opinion is invalid because I may have been raped. Class act.

  • Lucas Jensen

    This discussion took a real turn, didn’t it?