Hoobastank Covers “Ghostbusters,” And You Kind Of Have To Give Them Credit, I Guess

Nov 2nd, 2009 // 1 Comment

For Halloween, much-maligned hard-rock band Hoobastank put some proton packs on their backs and then split… to a video shoot, where they very faithfully recreated Ray Parker Jr.’s theme to the timeless flick Ghostbusters. The cover is actually not too terrible, although perhaps I’m being a little nicer than I might because the level of detail in this clip is pretty dead-on—the mashed-up Ghostbusters/Hoobastank logo on the boys’ uniforms is ace, and I especially like that one Hoobastankian has perfected Peter Venkman’s fire-flouting style of holding his cigarette between his lips. (NB: This does not absolve the band for “The Reason” in any way, shape or form. Trust.) [YouTube]


  1. Okay, they are having way too much fun here for me to even hate.

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