Rihanna Would Like To Be Your Graveyard Girl

What to say about the video for Rihanna’s “Wait Your Turn,” a black-and-white clip that looks like one it was directly inspired by the Flickr account of some high school goths? Well, it was directed by her frequent music-video collaborator Anthony Mandler. And the fuzzed-out black and white certainly works for her.. And the scene where it looks like she’s a particularly furry angel, thanks to her posing in front of a stone statue while wearing some sort of animal-skin coat, is striking, although I do hope that the fur is not real. But overall the video’s pretty meh, especially for a song that has “the wait is ova the wait is ova the wait is ova the wait is ova” as its endlessly repeating hook. The wait for what, exactly, has ceased? Clip after the jump.Rihanna – Wait Your Turn [OnSMASH via Toya’s World]