Aqua Warn Against The Dangers Of Color-Coordinating Your Dinner Parties’ Menus

Nov 3rd, 2009 // 8 Comments

There’s apparently a lot of symbolism in the video for “My Mamma Said,” the new video by the reformed Barbie-loving Scandinavian outfit Aqua—you’ve got the crisp white tablecloth marred by a bug, some mysterious milky beverage poured and sipped, blowing leaves, and lots of hard, longing looks. Fortunately, said overthinking doesn’t mar the song, a mournful little pop track about love lost and found that’s wound around a “Clocks”-ripoff sample. True, Rene Dif’s vocals are probably better-suited to instructing Barbie to go party with him, what with their being goofy on a level not seen since Einar Örn Benediktsson’s heyday. But I was listening to Robyn right before clicking “play” on the above clip, and I’ll be damned if the two didn’t fit together pretty nicely. [YouTube / MySpace]


  1. @fre2daa: Speaking of which, bald guy totally invented Pitbull, didn’t he? Don’t tell me you can’t hear a revamped version of “Barbie Girl (feat. Pitbull)”…

  2. Why does bald guy keep saying “multiverse”? Is this song about The Chronicles of Riddick?

  3. OMG I like this. Kind of a lot?

    Now I have to go on an Aqua listening spree – “Heat of the Night” here I come!

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