Four Artists Who Might Want To Branch Out Into Infomercial-Inspired Licensing

Nov 4th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Never one to let a good joke just settle, Weezer is packaging the deluxe editions of its new album Raditude with a Snuggie, the As Seen On TV “blanket with sleeves” that’s both functional (it really is pretty warm) and hilarity-inducing (ah, recession-era cable ads, the last bastion of UHF-style production values). Surely the amount of press that Weezer has received for this move will result in other artists borrowing from the ever-expanding world of cheap commercials. After the jump, we envision a few pairings.

The Tommy Lee Shake Weight
Proposed Tagline: “The next best thing to starring in a sex tape with me!”

The Nickelback Clapper
Proposed Tagline: “We’ll fool you into cheering for us any way we can!”

The Sugababes SlapChop
Proposed Tagline: “Cuts nuts faster than we cut members!”

The Kiss ShamWow
Proposed Tagline: “You’ll be saying ‘Wow’ every time this towel… licks it up!”

Feel free to come up with your own! This is a fine place to start.

Raditude [Weezer]
As Seen On TV [Official site]


  1. What about a Madonna-branded Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator?

    She has been looking an awful lot like jerky lately.

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