Making A Joke About The Stale Nature Of Kanye/Taylor Swift Jokes Is The New Making Kanye/Taylor Swift Jokes

Nov 4th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Above, a preview of a promo for this week’s Saturday Night Live, which will feature Taylor Swift performing and hosting. Why do I have a feeling that Swift’s eye-rolling at Bill Hader’s insistence on making a Kanye joke doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be three or four or 10 references to the notorious Video Music Awards incident during the 90 minutes of this week’s program? Oh right, because of SNL‘s writing staff, which never met a joke it couldn’t bludgeon to death. [MTV]


  1. Seen at the iTunes store, in the blurb for the deluxe edition re-release of Fearless: “Sophomore Jinx — we’re gonna let you finish — but Taylor Swift made one of the best country-pop albums of all time.”

  2. who cares Kanye! you cant sing anyway The irony. Kanye West’ blatant diss of Taylor just made him more famous. Try to explain that…

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