The Five Best Things About Robbie Williams’ “You Know Me” Video, Aside From The Obviously Amazing Rabbit Suit Robbie Wears

Nov 6th, 2009 // 4 Comments

The video for Robbie Williams’ throwbacky “You Know Me” conceptually flips around the title of the crooning 9/11 conspiracy theorist’s new album, Reality Killed The Video Star. Only here it’s the video that’s killing anything resembling reality, with Williams using an extended dream sequence as an excuse to dress up in a bunny suit and flit around like he’s late for a very important date with a choreographer and a batallion of backup dancers. The video, and five of my favorite things about its way-too-short three minutes, after the jump.

5. Williams’ bunny-suited imitation of the MGM lion at the video’s very end.
4. Is it just me, or is the midair flip the bunnified Williams does at the 1:17 mark a product not of a stunt double, but of… CGI?
3. The toads as backup singers. Such a Disney musical number detail. Dear every video director: This (and the aforementioned flip) is how you use your computer-generated imagery talent, not on bad Lisa Frank landscapes.
2. The parts of the video where he’s dancing around with the walking-stick, which combines with the track’s retro glossiness in such a way that I can’t help but make me wonder if he’s paying at least a little bit of homage to the Monkees’ Harry Nilsson-penned “Daddy’s Song,” which Davy Jones did a little bit of soft-shoe to in Head. (Here’s the dancing; here’s the song.)
1. The way that this clip pretty much takes all those recently leveled “Robbie’s gone crazy” allegations and runs with them. I mean, between this and a flack of his telling another UK paper that he pulled out of his MTV EMA performance because Viacom was too cheap, he’s at least making things interesting, you know?

Robbie Williams You Know Me Official Music Video Full HD [YouTube]


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