The Michael Jackson Séance: A Whole New World (Of Ways To Fill TV Airtime)

Last night in the UK, a televised attempt to contact the spirit of Michael Jackson was transmitted to TVs. And people actually watched it! Popjustice’s Peter Robinson called it “the worst thing I have ever seen… [yet] strangely arousing”; another blogger noted that whatever Jackson was saying wasn’t too important—the cosmos-crossing communication was stopped midway through one of his utterances “because Eddie Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop III is on at 11pm.” So was it totally useless? Well, not 100%! Here is a clip of medium Derek Avorah explaining away Jackson’s metaphysical absence—and then all of a sudden being slain in the spirit of Jackson!

Michael Jackson spoke in tongues? Huh. Anyway, the big “revelation” of the night was that Jackson was upset to not be buried next to Marilyn Monroe: “I wished to lie alongside her. I suppose it’s of no consequence.” Also that he was happy to see his grandparents on the other side. Unfortunately he did not say “why are you using my name to boost your profile,” but maybe that happened after Beverly Hills Cop III came on?Medium: I Talked To Jacko [The Sun] [Daily Mail]Michael Jackson Live Seance Sky 1 Derek Acorah [YouTube]