Livebloggin’: ‘Kris Allen’

Nov 10th, 2009 // 37 Comments

How many spins do you give a record before you decide whether it’s a winner or not? We’re the first to admit, there’ve been times when we fully appreciated a song or album only years after it hit (or missed) the charts. But there’s still something to be said for that first time a new piece of music reaches your eardrums, and that’s what this feature is all about. Every so often we’ll be registering our initial thoughts on a new album in real time (ooh, fancy!) and posting the verdict.

First up: Today we’re geared up to listen to Kris Allen’s debut album (posted on AOL’s listening party), and post our song-by-song thoughts while we listen from start to finish. Let’s get to it!

Live Like We’re Dying

Wait, is this Maroon 5?  Is this really Adam Levine’s solo album? The similarity in their singing voices is uncanny. It already sounds like something that’s been on the radio for 56 billion years. That’s not really an insult.

Before We Come Undone
“This is really boring.” – Robbie. Still, this song is not as offensive as Adam Lambert’s album cover. I feel like I’m playing paint by numbers. Next.

Can’t Stay Away
Ooh! Jammy intro! This one has edge! “This sounds like Maroon 5 again.” – Robbie. Is that a band singers want to sound like? Maroon 5? Maybe five years ago when “This Love” came out? I have to admit that three songs into his album and Kris’ band doesn’t sound as crappy as the American Idol band. Bonus points for that. (God my expectations are looooooow.)

The Truth
Ooh, ballad-y. And there’s an orchestra! I have to admit I’m a Glamberter from head to toe, but I can’t find fault with Kris’ voice. It lacks the gravelly-ness of David Cook’s voice, and he sorta belts everything, but I can’t find anything to mock. But I do sorta feel like taking a nap. I think this entire album would help if I could see Kris Allen’s dimples singing it live.

Written All Over my Face
Another pretty decent track that sounds like it should definitely only be played in the background of a college apartment party (while the host is still setting up and waiting for everyone to be fashionably late).

Bring It Back
Solemn piano. I can almost see the birch trees swaying in the snowy air. I can actually almost hear Adele singing this or Ben Folds, possibly? And maybe tearing Kris Allen a new one while doing so? It’s got a catchy chorus though.

Red Guitar
“No Boundaries isn’t sounding so bad right about now.” – Robbie. Aw, he’s kidding. I mean, I guess this song is okay, or whatever… When’s Lady Gaga’s album dropping again? A few more weeks?! Gahhhhhh!

Is It Over
Acoustic-licious. I think Kris should only sing acoustic. It’s infinitely more interesting hearing just his voice and a guitar then letting him get generic-afied by too many instruments…. Oh, I spoke too soon. The acoustic part lasted about a verse. Le sigh.

Let It Rain
“This sounds like the first song with a hook.” – Robbie. Maybe it is the first song with a different hook. I will never find out because I probably will never listen to this album again unless the store at the mall I’m shopping in involuntarily makes me by playing it on their dressing room stereo while I’m trying on sweaters.

Alright With Me
Ooh, folky! Am I clapping hands and singing around a campfire? I just might be! I think I’m liking this one best because it just sounds different. It’s got its own personality, whereas almost every other song on this album sounds like another version of itself. But this song is, wait for it, alright with meeee!!! Wooo high five for awesome puns!!

“He sounds like the guy from The Fray in this one.” – Robbie. Kris Allen + Adam Levine + Isaac Slade = easy listening supergroup??

I Need to Know
Piano = sad. Every popstar knows that. But why do they keep putting them on their albums? WHY?

This is clearly the best song on Kris’ album. Too bad it’s also the best song on Kanye West’s last album. Funny, The Fray also covered an almost-identical version of Kanye’s “Heartless.” At least now we know that if Isaac Slade ever has a heart attack while having sex, Kris Allen can fill in without anyone noticing. (In other news, I need to Netflix the movie Dave right now.)

In a Nutshell: If you were a Kris Allen fan on Idol (Allenite? Kristalker? What the hell do you people call yourselves?), you’re gonna eat this lil album right up. As for the rest of us, we recommend downloading “Alright With Me” and “Heartless” and saving the rest of your moolah for Adam Lambert’s debut instead.

  1. @D.R.Mosby: The programmer in me wants to slap that article. I get what it says, but it says it wrong.

  2. “It’s got its own personality, whereas almost every other song on this album sounds like another version of itself.”

    Becky and Robbie should consider posting as “fans who are too cool for the room” and not represent themselves as journalists. Ironically, they sound like same old version of the Glambot fans who spend most of their time trolling. Adam has his own personality, at least!

  3. Rita

    haha…you guys are so funny. I love this post. But are u serious? Is it this bad? I heard LLWD and didn’t like it but I was hoping for something better on the album. Maybe I should go to AOL and listen for myself. But as for the post, I think we all have our own opinions and I respect yours. Good job though, at least it is funny/entertaining! and good luck to Kris Allen

  4. Evelyn

    Cringe inducing childish writing.

  5. Hey

    Can I use your article on my website? I will link back to your site!

    Let me know

  6. JJ12

    What is this website? This cannot be a “real” review! It’s so embarrassingly biased. I’m teaching high school students how to write reviews and pulled up several on Kris Allen’s new CD since I heard students talking about it. I guess I can use this one to teach the “how not to write” lesson. Poor Kris! Would his life have been different if he’d only come in 2nd on that show? Would FANatics be working this hard to destroy his music? Please…there’s room for all kinds of music!

  7. passion 6

    Wow! Pathetic, inadequate & immaterial comments from someone clearly incapable of intelligent, independant thought, much less any semblance of objectivity. Most amusing is the unabashed support of Adam, who’s album cover is a re-tred of xanadu(I’m sure he’s rockin THE leg warmers) & his single cover is a total rip-off of mj’s scream(talk about unoriginal)! Add these fun facts to the fact that mr lambert’s notoriety is the sole derivitive of exploiting his sexuality-nice. He can’t play a single instrument or write music…who’s the imposter? The mere fact the writer(I use this word loosely) cannot acknowledge these facts says it all, Go work at McDonalds b*****, that’s what you are qualified for! SUPER SIZE IT!

  8. MVM

    Can’t wait to read the review of Adam’s CD here. My guess is he’ll just do everything right in your eyes. Can we say “agenda,” anyone?

  9. Rory

    Why do you have to mention Adam Lambert? He has nothing to do with Kris Allen and his music, which is what I assumed would be discussed in this “review”. I sincerely hope not many others think like you do, because that would mean that they don’t appreciate great music.

    I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s clear that you started listening to Kris Allen’s album with pre-judgements and an agenda to prove. How unprofessional.

  10. OneRealFan

    Is this a review or just a bashing? I am amazed at how many people are missing the depth of Kris Allen’s music. For someone who has been thrown into the whirlwind of American Idol, the tour and the making of an album in a lightening quick fashion, I think Kris is doing an amazing job. He isn’t the campy Adam Lambert, who seeks out and adores the spotlight. Kris is a quiet introspective, subtle artist, which makes his recent accomplishments that much more amazing!! Why the negativity? If you’re into Adam Lambert so much, then don’t bother reviewing Kris Allen. Lamberts’ so obvious and Kris is so real!

  11. Shirley

    Again the writer, Becky the cougar bitch, who is a fan of the runnerup is purposely bashing Kris in this review. This whole shitty review does not even look like a review but more like a sarcasm written by a sore loser runner-up fan who is still bitter over her omfginternationalsuperstar’s loss. In the end, the runner-up flopped about 3 singles and has to be pimped by AI producer Ken Warwick to sell his single. See? karma does work its way sooner or later.

    • wow, I didn’t know I could be a cougar while still in my 20s! (I think the appropriate term would be puma, maybe?) I’m not purposefully bashing Kris, I’ve interviewed him before, he’s a sweet guy. But you are right, this album liveblogging was more first impressions than a serious music review. Can’t say I like the album more now than when I first listened to it when it came out, but it’s good to see Kris’ post-Idol career seems to be going fairly well. Good on him.

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