Shakira Performs Song, Humps Air, Sports Dreadlocks on Letterman

Nov 11th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Another day, another super-hot but kind of creepy thing Shakira does with her body. The Colombian she-wolf performed “Give It Up To Me” on Letterman last night, showcasing her usual body contortions, but with one new addition: dreadlocks. Not totally digging the new look, but I bet even her hair is double-jointed, so who am I to judge.

Shakira, unfavorable hairstyle or no, always looks great, but I have to admit, I prefer her much more like this:

  1. Seriously, what is wrong with you? It wasn’t enough to call Rihanna “exotic” and make some “amirite dudes! LOL!” joke about PMS yesterday? Now a post about Shakira’s hair?

  2. Dreadlocks are “kind of creepy”?

    Are you serious??

  3. Call me crazy, but I fail to see what all the complaining is about. These posts really aren’t any different than what they’d be when Maura was still helming it. American Idol contestants are still releasing singles. Lady Gaga is still dressing funny. Pop stars make blandly shocking public statements about PMS. Sounds like business as usual. Granted this is coming from a guy who started coming here during the early Gawker days, so I guess I’m out of touch.

  4. Sorry, I just do not understand what is creepy about dreadlocks.

  5. @Marth: the topics may be consistent in the sense that this is still a blog about music versus, say, botany, but at least from my perspective, the complaining is about the insight and depth of the writing. there used to be an industry-savvy edge and great wit on this blog and now, as i mentioned in another post, it’s like entertainment tonight. press release copy-paste. we can read the press releases for that, i think the readers here are looking for a little more…

  6. It’s almost as if commentary is different from basic subject matter! Yeah, Maura wrote about all kinds of inane shit, but she wrote about it in interesting, funny, and intelligent ways. These posts might as well just say “[artist name]: amirite?” and call it a day.

  7. I’ve been visiting for a while but never felt compelled to post until now. You people are really nasty, whiny, mean and complainey. Give these new writers a break. Do others go to your work and insult you all day long? Seriously. You’re all a collective piece of work.

  8. @Marth: I’m not calling you crazy, I’m calling you an employee of BuzzFeed.

  9. BuzzFeed! Buzznet! Gack. Who cares.

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