Kris Allen Continues Stealing Rap Songs as His Own

Nov 11th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Kris Allen played an acoustic set (See? Told ya Kris should only play acoustic sets) at the Vineyard in Napa last weekend, and he played a mash-up of Kanye West’s “Heartless” and Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Man, when he strikes gold once, he keeps on digging.

What famous rap song should Allen tackle next? Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”? Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”? Lil Kim’s rap verse from “Lady Marmalade”? Or do you guys prefer Kris singing his own damn songs?

  1. Just a note for future reference – I’m not sure it means anything to “sing acoustic” (unless you mean singing without a microphone or amplification – and even then it would be a bit of a stretch).

  2. Also noteworthy: Artists drop cover songs into live sets all the time, so much so that it’s kind of a disappointment when they don’t. I don’t see Kris Allen trying to make a career out of covering popular hip-hop nuggets though.

  3. sweet

    stealing rap songs? don’t like the title man. Plenty of artists sings covers during their shows.
    you’re a bit pathetic…

  4. Callie

    It’s called a cover for a reason. And as mentioned by brasstax, artists throw in covers into their sets all the time. Was in a Jason Mraz concert recently and he covered “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. Gasp! Guess he “stole” that song, too, eh? Wow, whoever runs this website is seriously lacking in the common sense department. But it’s OK. You can admit the cover was awesome, which is why you took time out of your daily lives to actually spotlight it. Kind of sad, but OK.

  5. astrogal

    Even U2 does covers in their concerts. Jeesh. Steals? Really?

  6. isthislife

    I know the point of this article is to show how lame Kris Allen is (Krissy? Really now? OIC) but what it highlights is just how lame this site has become. Who are these people writing this rediculousness? Singing accoustic? Are you kidding me? Stealing rap songs? What have you all been drinking lately? It’s tragic.

  7. [XD]

    I’m not gonna buy his full album but I will buy for sure an album with his rap songs acoustic covers . Plus, at least he can do this a be great. Can you?

  8. cheeky

    WTF? Clearly the writers are bitterberts…get over it! What issomewhat amusbg is that Adam couldn’t cone tolife in this venue, no smoke machine, no band, no costume, no production….can’t play ANYTHING . Are those crickets chirping? With Kris, it’s about the music(all kinds of music/that means versatile)-with Adam-it’s about HIM! I wonder how this writer can possibly reconsile the fact that Sir Adam will always be singing other peoples music since he’s NOTa musician & can’t write! HMMMMM , AWKWARD! KRIS has writing credit on 11/14 tracks(including bonus tracks) Adam/not so much-he’s ripping off the work of others, ooops!

  9. MVM

    Why go with the negative constantly when it comes to Kris? People clearly enjoyed hearing stuff like what Kris did in this mashup. That’s why he did it, because people want to hear it. And as mentioned in these posts, artists do it all the time. People enjoy hearing it. What people do NOT enjoy is being bombarded by negative material when it comes to the artist they like, when they feel he’s not given a fair chance and for some reason, bloggers just insist on holding onto a grudge against him.

  10. doodlebop

    Thanks so much for posting this incredible video. Kris is so amazingly creative and talented. I can understand why a lot of Adam Lambert fans feel threatened by Kris’s talent and feel like they must tear him down in order to build Adam up but this really makes no sense at all. Adam is a very different artist and while I am not really into the glam rock thing I think that he will be very successful. Unfortunately, a lot of Kris’s fan base is alienated by this negativity and this can’t be good for Adam.

  11. lala

    O was this post suppose to show how lame he is, because this is my first time hearing this guy and he just won me over as a fan! YOU FAIL!

  12. Shirley

    I’ve previously wanted to leave a comment on this post but forgotten. I understand that the writer, Becky the cougar bitch, is a fan of the runnerup but that doesn’t mean you can anyhow defame the winner who is much more talented by miles. Covering songs are COMMON and it takes a lot of talents like Kris to do mash-up like this. Your runner-up is more talented in terms of make-up, screaming notes and having open sex on national TV LOL!!!

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