How The ‘Idol’ Albums Are Holding Up With The CD-Buying Set

Nov 11th, 2009 // 20 Comments

In a regular check-in with to see how all artists under the watchful eye of Simon Cowell are faring, Kris Allen’s self-titled debut (#31) still appears to be no match for the blue-haired might of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment (#8). And over on iTunes, the pre-orders have caused an even greater divide—For Your Entertainment is perched at #11, while Kris Allen is lumbering around at #76.

But step aside, boys! Proving that pop truly has “no boundaries,” it’s another of Simon Cowell’s golden-throated artists who’s truly captured the hearts—and wallets—of America:

susan-boyleSusan Boyle’s much-hyped stateside Amazon success has been making headlines for awhile now (though on iTunes, she’s just above Allen, at #68).

All this said, no one seems up for mentioning the real upset:



  1. Amanda


  2. Love Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle!! Two of my lifetime favorite singers!

  3. @Denise B: Are you a one year-old?

  4. Janet

    Kris should be higher than Adam. He and Susan Boyle are the hits of this season. Not Lambert.

  5. I am so happy to see Adam doing well. He is MY IDOL. Susan is okay. but Adam should be up there. He would have if poeople are able to look pass his picture and pass his sxsuality, close thier eys and listen to his AMAZING voice. But no worries, once his CD dropes, he will be up there and will STAY there. He is exciting, his music will be enjoiyed by millions around the world. Let’s not forget that for some reason Adam is not being promoted. Kris and Susan are. do you know why? B/C the need all the help they can get. Adam will BLOW the charts all oner the world once he is promoted.

  6. Who are these “new” commenters? Half of them say “User Not Exist” when you click on their names…”Janet” and “Amanda” link to articles on Janet Jackson and Amanda Overmeyer from AI.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  7. AI: Amanda Overmeyer

    A Steven Spielberg Film

  8. The blog is real.
    The commenters are not.

  9. Psychofan-tastic spambots?

    Perhaps proof the spambots are becoming sentient and discovering a love for reality TV contestants?

  10. prgemgirl

    Adam is HOT and the whole world knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. marjorie2009

    Wow! Go Adam Go! Though this is too early in the game to say what’s what. I am happy with the outcome. Though i know this will be a hard climb for Adam given that there are a lot of haters. Makes you think what will haters hate if he is a guy. LOL! Well only time will tell. But for me, i already pre-ordered. Go Adam!

    I also pre-ordered Sobo.

  12. Sean C

    Guys, time to pull on your boots – your socks are showing.

  13. @marjorie2009: Makes you think what will haters hate if he is a guy.

    It does, doesn’t it?

  14. I hope Adam Lamberts puts out his album, sells some copies and then goes away. And then I hope that we, as America, can move past this era of forgotten taste.

  15. FantasyReader

    SNORT! Yeah, Propaganda, he’ll “go away”, but not as quickly as you think. And he won’t go any time in the near future.

    You don’t have to agree, but the handwriting’s on the wall. This young man is as talented, controversial, and gorgeous as Elvis Presely in his younger, breakout days, and has twice the business savvy, the ability to surround himself with ‘right’ people, and has fans of all ages. Shoot, I’m nearly 60 and think he has as good a voice as any modern artits out there today, and miles better than most.

  16. ZOMBIEBOT_34


  17. @ZOMBIEBOT_34: 18-34 was the demographic of Idolator 1.0-1.9. Nu-Idolator is all about the tweens.

  18. maryann

    I have always loved Adam Lambert from the start. So good luck to you, Adam!! Go and capture the whole world…love ya!

  19. john

    I guess we will see who the real winner from Idol is afterall!

  20. raye

    Make them all happy. Just shell out your money and buy them all. They are all terrific singers and all deserve to do well. Different styles, beautiful voices and wonderful songs, done for everyone who wants to appreciate their gift and enjoy listening to them. Truly a good year for (real) music that is not RAP.

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