What The Devil Has Gotten Into Britney Spears?

Nov 12th, 2009 // 31 Comments

This is certainly one way to promote Britney Spears’ newly-released Singles Collection. Try as Camp Britney Spears might, they just can’t seem to exorcise the demon hacker who keeps re-tweeting rather unholy messages from Brit’s account.

Initial thoughts on who could be pulling such a stunt:

1. Jamie Lynn

2. Sean Preston

3. Australia

Regardless of who the culprit may be, Spears’ official site has officially assured her fans that the singer has not, in fact, given herself over to the darkness:

“This morning, Britney’s Twitter was hacked.  We apologize for any offense the message from the hacker caused and are working with Twitter on remedying the situation as quickly as possible.”


This all was confusing there for a minute, what with the Brithack calling for a new world order as soon as possible. Maybe they’d just settle for New Order?

  1. Now that’s a proper Idolator headline pun. I feel like you’re just buttering me up with a New Order video though.

  2. @brasstax: I’m glad you’re kinda enjoying things again. I’ve always enjoyed your caustic commentary but it’s always more entertaining when tempered with a bit of positivity.

    Also, since things are changing so much, I thought I’d seize the moment to connect with some familiar posters.

    Hi brasstax, how are you today? My name is sicksteanein. I’m Canadian and my name is naughty though people don’t realize it at first. I am also stoned for about half of these posts. (Not this one though cause I’m at stupid work).

    I hope Idolator continues it’s climb back up.

    Also, hi Robbie! Do you read these comments? If you do, this was a good post. Keep it up.

  3. @brasstax: I don’t know…would this have been postworthy for Maura? Probably not.

    I probably would have went with “1…2…3, New World Order, Satan and Britney”, but that’s just me.

  4. @Dan Gibson: Would the material have been postworthy? Maybe not. But at least I’m pleased to see Robbie making an effort at a punny headline that wasn’t a huge FAIL.

  5. Here’s the thing.

    Yesterday, I was listening to Britney Spears’ “Blackout” album on repeat while I was cleaning my house. And I’m an avowed fan. So, yeah, I love her and all.

    But god damn. You people post a lot about her. Let’s ease up, alright?

  6. @propaganda-artist: Buzznet must now be providing a list of approved pop artists to write about. I’d be surprised if we ever see anything about Lil Wayne or Vampire Weekend or especially any artist whose last charting single came before 1996 on here ever again.

  7. @Dan Gibson: You know what I miss? Dan Gibson. Don’t comment too much, between you and brasstax, I’ll have to up my site hits to 2 a day.

  8. @TheRunningboard7: What if brasstax and I buy thenewidolatorsucks.com and comment there instead? Would that help?

  9. To all: Chris Molanphy is resuming 100 and single at a new home:

    See you all there on Friday.

  10. @Dan Gibson: You joke, but I floated the idea to @brasstax yesterday, half in jest. notidolator.com is totally available. oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that outloud.

    (and yeah, yeah. i can’t look away yet. this car crash is still nice and gory. or something. mostly, i just want to see what people are saying in comments.)

  11. @michaela: I can’t promise much timewise, but if I can contribute somehow, let me know.

  12. @Dan Gibson: @michaela: I’d be all for a lot of the old writers and commenters reconvening on a new site, but I’d hate to put it in some kind of time capsule or box by using any variation of Idolator in the name. That’s spoiled goods now.

  13. @brasstax: True, although muchbetterthanidolator.com has a nice ring.

  14. @brasstax: So “Idohater” or “Ido-later!” won’t work, then?

  15. @Dan Gibson: @brasstax: Were it all taken elsewhere, I’d be thrilled. I’d also agree that forming to fill the void of good writing gone missing is much better than forming to let’em know, Chapelle Show style, that we’re ‘keeping it real’ (or as seen here: keepin’ it real).

  16. Or why not just rename THIS blog to americanidolator.com

  17. @Dan Gibson: I’m okay with that one. Also, thenewradicals.com would nicely pay tribute to another old Idolator fave, and I don’t think Gregg Alexander is likely to use the domain any time soon.

  18. So are they refusing now to publish any new posts until we quit just talking about leaving and actually leave? It’s been two hours.

  19. @brasstax: When a site has such a narrow focus, sometimes they’ll end up waiting for Lady Gaga to do something.

  20. @Dan Gibson: True. Alternately, the might have quit.

  21. ‘Cause, you know like, OMG it’s not like fun anymore.


    Ok, maybe notidolator.com isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m usually better at thinking up names for shit. I’m working on it.

    As soon as I have something, I’ll um, let you know. (Why am I always the one who spearheads insane projects? WHY?)

  23. @michaela: Good names are hard to come up with. I usually think of them during the few minutes I’m falling asleep at night, when my mind is in that nether-area and every thought I have seems brilliant! I’m taking a notepad to bed with me tonight.

  24. http://chainofknives.tumblr.com

    email if you want a posting account: chainofknives AT gmail DOT com
    just let me know who you are, etc.

  25. @michaela: Awesome. I’ve wanted to get back into a group blog situation for a long time now, and this provides the perfect opportunity!

  26. sterl

    killyridolators, natch.

  27. hacked? ya right. didn’t she think she was the anti-christ back in 2007? she prob just forgot to take her meds.

  28. lol i love this – wish it was real – oh the DRAMA

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