Preview of Rihanna’s New, Depressing Album

Nov 12th, 2009 // 12 Comments

A preview of Rihanna’s new album Rated-R has leaked online… and it’s obvious the singer’s going in a much more downbeat direction. Hey, can ya blame her?

After previewing a few tracks off a pretty shady looking Russian website (coincidence or clever marketing ploy?), the site’s servers kept crashing on us, so we found the above video (which will probably get pulled any minute now, so hurry!).

First impressions of the morbidly named album? Take Rihanna’s hit “Take a Bow” and bring it a few shades darker and slower. Think Kanye West going from the colorful Graduation to the melancholy 808s & Heartbreak or Kelly Clarkson releasing the harder My December right after the poptastic Breakaway. Rihanna’s really in no mood to dance. She needs to talk things out. Over slow, joyless melodies.

Some of the tracks, mostly opener “Mad House”, almost feel like Rihanna’s covering a Marilyn Manson song. Course there are a few songs you’ll most likely hear nonstop at the clubs and on the radio (“Rude Boy” is the best bet), but if most of these songs were blasted at top volume at a club, it’d probably just bum everybody out.

Your thoughts on Rihanna’s new tunes? Are you buying this opening day, or just playing “Umbrella” on your stereo for the forty-millionth time?

  1. Oh Christ! I take it all back. I never want you to try actually describing music in a critical sense ever again!

  2. By the way, my former nemesis (the Phoenix New Times) published my take on the debacle today:

  3. onsloot

    Interesting take, Dan. But New Times is still the scourge of the earth.

  4. Great, Dan. While reading, what I also thought of was that Maura (and all you other talented writers) were not only a presence in the blog posts but the comments section as well. Some of the greatest insights I received were in the back and forth there. I suspect these guys might gain just a little more credibility if they came on and actually backed up what they were writing. However, it’s hard to back up a paraphrase of a press release or charts summary.

  5. Ummmm. Rihanna’s new album is actually called Rated R. Russian Roulette is new single. Fact checking fail?

  6. @LeighBlack: They fixed that pretty quickly, huh? The bogus Alicia Keys album art still sits there 2 or 3 pages back, though.

  7. God, this is awful.

    (I am speaking of both this particular post AND the preview. Both are disappointing. Or, rather, disappointin’.)

  8. ben

    OK, that didn’t work.
    Anyway, Nu-Idolator = this.

  9. @ben: as posted yesterday, i’d prefer this, and that’s awful.

  10. ben

    @TheRunningboard7: Ha, sorry– playing catchup on all the comment action.

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