Sugababes Perform ‘About A Girl’ Live(-ish?)

Nov 12th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Sugababes version 4.0 appeared on London-based breakfast show GMTV this morning to promote their new U.K. single “About A Girl.” There’s much debate going on among the YouTube commentator set about whether or not the ‘babes actually sang live or lip synched over a live-sounding vocal track.

Either way, the interesting bit isn’t in the vocals—it’s in watching newest member Jade Ewen acclimate herself so ably into the group’s hip-swaying bump ‘n grind routines.

The downer about the recent Sugababes drama—wherein founding member Keisha Buchanan got bounced outta the group and replaced with onetime Eurovision contestant Ewen—is that they were this close to being properly launched here in the States via Jay-Z just before it all went down.

There may be hope. After all, the girls clearly appear to still be a functioning trio. But even if the three of them finally land on these shores with a Hova-style media blitz and suitcase full of RedOne jams, do we believe they can cross over after all that’s happened?

Fingers crossed.


  1. drunkwithpower

    I think if people can give Phoenix a pass for lip synching on Saturday Night Live, they shouldn’t care so much about whether Sugarbabes are lip synching.

  2. Sadly, it’s not going to happen. Not unless one of them starts dating Robert Patterson.

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