Tracklisting Revealed for ‘Glee’ Soundtrack, Volume Two Out Of a Possible Billion

Hey, all you Gleeks out there, here’s the track listing for the second volume of the show choir show’s soundtrack, including numbers not yet aired. Song spoilers ahead, so if you watch Glee episodes like the rest of us watch Lost, avert your eyes:

Courtesy of EW’s Music Mix:

  1. “Proud  Mary”
  2. “Endless  Love”
  3. “I’ll Stand  By You”
  4. “Don’t Stand  So Close To Me / Young Girl”
  5. “Crush”
  6. “(You’re)  Having My Baby”
  7. “Lean On  Me”
  8. “Don’t Make  Me Over”
  9. “Imagine”
  10. “True  Colors”
  11. “Jump”
  12. “Smile”  (cover of Lily Allen)
  13. “Smile”  (cover of Charlie Chaplin)
  14. “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”
  15. “Don’t Rain  On My Parade”
  16. “You Can’t  Always Get What You Want”
  17. “My Life  Would Suck Without You”

Dear lord, yet another version of the Dreamgirls song? We’re much, much more excited to hear some Kelly Clarkson and Lily Allen covers – and we hope Kurt nails the solo audition this time around.

If nothing else, Fox has a sense of timing: Glee, The Music: Vol. 1 just entered the Billboard album chart at No.4, and  Glee, The Music: Vol. 2 is out December 8 – just in time for all the theatre geeks to put down their clove cigarettes and copies of The Cherry Orchard and cheer up the holidays.

  • brasstax

    Cloves are banned for sale in or import into the US now, fwiw. Fortunately, theater geeks can still easily get their hands on absinthe again!

  • Mr. Middletown

    Much like Vol.1 I will be getting Vol.2 I just love this show. Making music cool again in a non-Disney fashion I’m all for it!

  • AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    “Making music cool again in a non-Disney fashion”…

    What does that even MEAN? Do you even know what you are saying?

  • brasstax

    @AnonymousFormerIdolatrix: Forgive Middletown, his frame of reference is clearly small. I think I understand, though. Glee makes musical performance a central character on a television show much like Hannah Montana and/or High School Musical, both Disney productions. Still, OK DUDE WHATEVER



  • troybulldogs21

    “Song spoilers ahead, so if you watch Glee episodes like the rest of us watch Lost, avert your eyes”
    We get it, you’re page view whores. FYI: insulting the people you’re whoring yourselves out to…bad business practice. While bad/terrible/making-me-want-to-go-Oedipus-on-my-eyes writing is obviously not a firing offense at the Buzznet, I’m willing to bet alienating your ‘target demographic’ is.

  • AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Thank you, @brasstax!


  • Thierry

    @AnonymousFormerIdolatrix: I think you’ve just outed yourself, AnonymousFormerIdolatrix. ;)

  • propaganda-artist

    @brasstax: That was my first response to this article as well.

    That’s sad.

  • AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    @Thierry Who says I didn’t mean to?! ;)

  • LeBron

    Take your condescending tone and get that outta here! Glee is fantastic. And I’m not so much a theater geek, more a sports and horror movie geek.

    Oh, for the days of Maura…

  • MattKlomp

    Such a great show.. just got the first soundtrack a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to pick this one up as well!

  • tbam

    They should have included Mercy and Rehab from Vocal Adrenaline and the Mash Ups. But still love the soundtrack

  • Asz

    Why would they not put Defying Gravity on the CD. I would buy it just for that!!!!

  • no-one-exciting

    @Asz its on the first one…

  • fnbnyldrh

    wow are u joking? u like the jonas brothers over glee?

  • Nicole

    I think they mean. Making [singing] cool again without being a cheesy cliched version of High School Musical

  • hahakate

    rawr no need to be a little bitch. i like glee so fuck you(: