Nick Jonas Obviously Sees Himself as the Justin Timberlake of The Jonas Brothers

Nov 16th, 2009 // 14 Comments

What are we to make of Nick Jonas’ solo adventure? Is “Who I Am” the start of a Nicole Scherzinger-style detour? Or is it his “Like I Love You“? The brothers have tried to quell fan freakouts by describing his new Nashville-rooted album (with new band The Administration) as a side project, but can a real live solo career really be ruled out?

Based on the bright but ham-fisted sample released today, Joe and Kevin probably aren’t worrying. Would you be? Preview “Who I Am”—presumably an example of what Nick has called “heart and soul” music—on the other side:

Not exactly the stuff of 3D movies, is it?

  1. Amber

    I enjoyed the preview. My only complaint is that it should’ve gone on much longer! Seems like a song very different from a lot of what’s playing over the airwaves right now.

  2. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Uh oh, New Idolator taking on my boys…and I think I am agreeing with your insights here?! Touche’!

    I am still thinking this album will be at least mildly “spiritual”…but now I’m thinking Maura’s”Taylor Hicks” comment may turn out to be prescient. Anyway, anything that potentially validates my preference & admiration for Joe “the somehow different one” Jonas makes me smile quietly to myself.

  3. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    @Amber…I find most Jonas songs are different than what’s on the radio currently, since they never get played on it, and none of their best songs have been singles. :)

  4. Nick Jonas has that “going threw puberty voice” like all the time.

    That name…. can I really take it seriously? No. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes these guys are about to reach that window of time where they can become legitimate recording artists and taken seriously or be trapped in that Disney zone and end up like Hilary duff(who?)

  5. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    @Mr. Middltown: Nick Jonas has been going through puberty the entire time he’s been a famous singer, so…imagine that!

  6. mmd4tj

    Sounds a lot like a Michael Jackson style and voice. I like it!!!

  7. OMJ!!!! I so cant wait! Ah!! Its going to so cool!
    I love Nick Jonas!<3 And the cover…OMJ!!!! Ah! lol
    Nick J looks HOT!:) Cant wait to get it! :D Its going to be
    I just hope nothing happens to The Jonas Brothers!!!
    If something does…OMJ!!!! I will NEVER bee the same!
    No lie I wont! The Jonas Brothers are like my life!
    I love them with all of my heart!
    The Jonas Brothers ROCK!

  8. @AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Its been like 3 freaking years lol, isn’t he is almost 17? Somethings gotta give a 3 year voice transition is abit long dont’cha think? I honestly cant “imagine that”

  9. jessica

    I dont care, I just DONT want people to start comparing him to Justin Timberlake.

  10. I don’t understand what this has to do with Lady GaGa.

  11. KEMORY

    Comparing himself to the no-talented, non-sexy, ex-mickeymouse ex-star. Not saying much there is he!!!!

  12. Amber


    That is a very sad and very true fact. I don’t undertand why their marketing is so poor. They have a lot of great songs that most non fans would be shocked to hear…yet somehow they’re never released mainstream :(

  13. mdzzzzzh

    To begin, im not a jonas fan! I dont know how i ended up in this page!
    This can be related to lady gaga cause she said in an interview few months ago that she wanted to a menage per troi with the jo bros hahah
    I personally think that nick jonas is the most talented jonas, and he was the one who always made the songs so he decided to do this side proyect cause he saw that his songs were very liked by the fans
    Maybe im wrong, but just heard the 30 seconds of the song and it seems a really interesting tune!
    Impatient to hear what lil nick Js gets to show!

  14. Hector

    I do not care for the opinions of rabid fan girls, but by far, and I mean a lot, the best side project has to be Tobias Sammet's Avantasia. I honestly find what Tobi did a breath of fresh air to the rock and metal scene. The Scarecrow's intro is just perfect. A truly amazing buildup and a very successful payload. This seems like my opinion on the Jonas Brothers; meh. The reason I despise the idea of the Jonas Brothers is that they are extremely overrated among my peers, and that saddens me because I know of only a handful who even know what Avantasia is. Oh well, Tobias Sammet bless you all and may you find your way to some music that can tell a story.

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