Adam Lambert’s “Fever” – Did Lady Gaga Do It Better?

Adam Lambert’s extra-spacy album For Your Entertainment premiered today on his MySpace page, so you don’t have to wait til its release date next week to find out how outrageously orgasmic it turned out. (Answer: Very.)

We’re digging most of the album, though we could have lived without Lambert trying so hard to showcase his stylistic range (Idol‘s over! You did fine! Move on.) The track Linda Perry co-wrote with Lambert, “A Loaded Smile,” is solid on its own, but we’re going to take a leap and assume the other ballads will be remixed for optimal club-friendliness.

But the most intriguing song on the album is the Lady Gaga contribution “Fever,” which has been seriously hyped since well before anyone even heard a note. Did Glambert do Gaga proud? Compare Adam’s version to Gaga’s original demo after the jump:

Adam Lambert “Fever”

We can picture ourselves, say, painting a house or training for a marathon in a montage from an 80s movie while listening to this song, can’t you? “Fever” definitely has hints of Gaga (the talk-singing during the verses, the theatrical vocal flourishes, the heavy synths) but it really reminds us just as much of something off a Scissor Sisters album, with the disco-ball-ready production and and Jake Shears-style sass.

According to an interview Gaga did with KISS 106.1, she handed the track over to Adam when his people “asked me to write for him. I was actually like, ‘Geez, I got this record that I wrote a while ago.’ It’s, like, a total hit, smash record, but for some reason, like, I couldn’t get it right with me doing it, and I said, ‘Gosh, it would be perfect for him.’ ”

Do you guys agree? Here’s Ms. Gaga’s version of “Fever” for comparison’s sake:

Lady Gaga’s demo of “Fever”

Sounds pretty much the same as Ad’s, though he obviously had a chance to deepen the bass and add some polish. But Lady G was right, it’s a pretty damn good fit for Adam’s voice.

So why isn’t Glambert touring with Gaga? His audience certainly overlaps with Gaga’s more than Kanye’s. Could well be that Adam’s already too big to be somebody’s opening act. That’s what happens when you’re an androgynous space alien with a voice made of liquid mercury.

  • Mariel

    I think they´re different.. Lady gaga and Adam have different styles and ways to sing, of course I love more Adam´s version because I´m in love with him but i recognize when someone has talent and Lady gaga absolutly has it.

    Both versions are cool.. but Adam´s is the newest so it gets to have more modern arrangements to it.

  • Mrs. Lambert

    Adam and Gaga are both awesome! but how can you compare the beautiful and powerful voice of Mr. Lambert with anything or anyone! Totally love Adam’s version better. Either way Lady Gaga has so much talent when it comes to writing songs and blowing people away she’s BAD!
    I think they should do more projects together, now that would be AMAZING!

  • ms

    Adam does it WAY better! No comparison. Its great!

  • love’emboth

    Gaga did it so great – I like them both though – I can’t wait to bump it in my car and will probably burn both copies….I can’t imagine not listening to either one…I love it for Adam – it is my fave song off of his cd…and only he could do justice….anyone other than gaga or adam singing it wouldn’t be right

  • Angel

    Yes, I love them both. I salute to Lady Gaga’s songwriting talent. She’s fabulous. I love ADAM’s edginess to his version. Just can’t help being on my feet, just drives you to dance. Love it, love it, love it!

  • el polacko

    being asked to choose which version of this song is better is like trying to decide if i would rather be stabbed in the eye with a fork or a knife.

  • Sharon

    Adam’s is better cause his voice fits the song. Plus his awesome range only adds to the appeal of the song. This will surely be a #1 hit.

  • ADAM

    I like Adam’s version better but I like them both

  • Fran

    I adore Lady GaGa’s version so much, and to see her perform it live, with all the raw emotion and just her and her piano, god, makes me love it so much more! I do like Adam’s version though, although I wish he would have glammed it up a bit more and had more confidence in his voice!

  • ryan

    lovvvvveee gaga and lambert

  • Courtney

    So, I love Adam. I was a huge fan all throughout Idol. But I’m an ever BIGGER fan of Lady GaGa. I love her so much. And I completely put it out of my head who was singing when I compared the two versions of ‘Fever’. I have to say, Lady GaGa did it much better. She’s just.. so incredibly talented. Her version is boss.

  • jpreyer93

    AMAZING!!! I LOVE ADAMS VERSION!!! i’m not a fan of lady gaga, but she is an excellent songwriter. this is my favorite song on the album. absolutely going to buy his cd LOVE U ADAM!!!

  • CMAquarii

    I totally dig this song! So far it’s my fav. on his record and I love his version. I’ve been a Lady Gaga fan for awhile and when I heard he was doing a song of hers I was pretty much giddy all over and I was NOT let down at all! Fantastic! Love them both! <3

  • patty

    I think lady gaga wins. do so much love adam lambert. problem is…he is so much better than this type of songstritch. We love Adam’s pipes and he doesn’t show it on this or other tunes on his FYE…Come on Adam…show us your PIPES !

  • patty

    Gotta agree with you Patti…The man needs to show us his pipes ! Come on Adam !…Bring it On ! We want to continue to love you…REALLY ! Make it Happen !

  • Kara

    I’m not a pop fan. At all. But Gaga and Adam have stolen my attention and my heart for real. They need to do more together!

  • Steve

    I LOVE Lady GaGa! I know everyone of her songs even the demos and the only song Adam Lambert sings is “For Your Entertainment”, I LOVE the Lady GaGa version! I Am GaGa for Lady GaGa! She did it so much better. Its her voice. Her voice is so Natural!

  • murkika

    Lady GaGa sings it better. Lady GaGa wrote this song if you didn’t know. And gaga’s version is a demo… gaga sang that in 2006 too when she wasn’t a star.

    Sorry for my english i’m hungarian….

  • kltcanuck

    Geez! You are about as tone deaf as they come.

  • kassie1989

    he did it best and of course her influence is there she wrote the song etc … i like her version but i love his.

  • 123Dogwalker

    Wow Adam totally made that song work. Lady Gaga should be more than proud after hearing Adam do it. So now everytime she hears him sing it she should beam. I loved his song Fever, it was hot!

  • Ryan

    I guess it's production values that matter most to you. You honestly can't be any older than 15, with that very blind analysis on his “talent”.

    Never forget, there is more to being a performer, and most importantly, and artist, then just being able to sing. He hasn't had the balls to do anything, the varied team of people that actually know what they're doing should be applauded for “fusing different musical styles” and making “a fresh and amazing album”.

  • asdf


  • Jason

    Did you really just say “you can't be any older than 15″? Really? It's one thing to disagree with someone's opinion, and it's another thing entirely to insult them for it. I think perhaps *you* are the one who needs to grow up a bit.

  • Ryan

    No, I think you'll find that my problem is not with his opinion, but his “reasoning”. Besides, being 15 is not an insult.

    Not to me, anyway.

  • megan barnwell

    of course gaga's was better.
    she's much more talented, she has a marvelous voice. it is strong and powerful and beautiful. adam doesn't sing a lot of the time so yea. besides, gaga wrote it…

  • Twijunkiee

    Now think about what you've just said. No offence, but are you stupid or something? I mean seriously! Adam Lambert's voice is extremely amazing and is so much better than Lady Gaga's. Did you hear him sing Mad World on Idol last year? It gave me goosebumps; not to mention his entire C.D is amazing.

  • L.G


  • Ryan

    I don't think you're aware of Lady Gaga's vocal range. She has a strong natural ability.

    Besides, I don't care much for Lambert; It personally bugs me that someone calls themselves a Musician when they don't actually make music. Although he can sing, so can a lot of people. What makes Gaga different is she writes her stuff, and designs elaborate performances. Adam Lambert just doesn't stack up in that department.

  • WickedLovely

    RUN, Forest! RUN! Adam Lambert has a feverand if he gets you alone… well. You might have a problem getting him off you.

    Anyway. Seriously, Adam's version is a lot more lively and convincing. His energy lends the right amout of prowly alleycat to this.

    Lady gaga sounded like she was reading the lyrics. It just didn't suit her, at all.

  • Ryan

    In all fairness, you're comparing a final studio recording to a reference recording; Gaga's involvement is much more telling in the very few rare pre-famous Gaga performances in clubs of her earlier works, including 'Fever'.

  • gaga

    lady gaga all the way

  • leena

    adam lambert version is way way better or betterer, ha ha ha.

  • Tawnybeach5

    Agreed, I think they have different styles and I think they’re different versions will attract different audiences. Both are very talented performers with great voices

  • krissy

    adam lambert dose it better the whole background music and his voice dose better with the song i dont like hi very much but with this particular song he dose better than lady gaga

  • Natalie

    Adam by far lady gaga’s version SUCKS maybe its the suductive under tone lying in adams voice but lady gaga cant pull this one off and that in its self is saying something. I dont care if Lady Gaga wrote it but Adam’s version is so much better and you can dance to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karina

    adam all the way he puts more energy to it. it`s like he`s right next to me oh ADAMGASM

  • Kirsten

    I bet that when lady gaga gave this to Adam, she didn’t expect it to put her version to shame! Love lady gaga, but Adam destroys her version. His voice is just absolutely perfect. It’s stronger and more powerful than hers when you hear these two together. I honestly do love lady gaga, but oh. My. God. Adam is the most amazing singer I’ve heard in my life. It’s a once in a lifetime voice that could put anyone to shame.

  • Joe

    I don’t think you can really compare the two… Adam’s a man, Gaga’s a woman. Adam’s version is a lot more synthed, plus it’s a lot more polished because it’s an album version. Gaga’s is a demo and has a completely different background. It’s more “natural.” By that I mean you can hear clear instruments – drums, guitar, bass, piano, etc. Gaga’s and Adam’s voices are very different too. It’s just not comparable. They’re both amazing in their respects. It really comes down to which one you like better, and honestly, Lambert fans will prolly like his version better and Gaga fans will like hers better. I like them both a ton! It’s an amazing song. Gaga’s amazing and songwriting!

  • Harrry94

    Gaga’s version is better. She wrote this song, her voice is better, although when she made this demo she wasn’t a star at all, she wasn’t Gaga – just Stefani… But nevertheless this demo sounds amazing!

  • Lilly

    lambert sings it better than gaga
    even though it was originally intended for her