(Possible) New Britney Spears Album In May, Y’all!

Nov 18th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Britney Spears is either a workaholic or a masochist. After a grueling seven-month tour around the world, rumor has it Brit’s releasing her seventh studio album as early as May 2010, with a bevy of familiar faces on board.

Producer Nate ‘Danjahandz’ Hills, aka Danja (“Gimme More,” “Break the Ice”), confirmed through his Twitter that he’ll be working with Britney “very very soon”.  And according to Digital Spy, Max Martin (“3,” “If You Seek Amy,” “Baby… One More Time”) is reportedly back to produce some tracks, along with Sean Garrett (who penned the super-catchy “Toy Soldier,” which unfortunately never became a single off of Blackout).

Garrett recently gave an interesting quote about his work ethic to MTV:

“I have to take the same type of approach I take on the hit records I write: I can’t rush it,” he said. “I’m a f—ing superstar artist/writer/producer, and I will give my fans what they want and what they’re asking me to give them: a phenomenal album. I’m the underdog, man, I can’t go wrong. I got nothing to lose. Underdogs can’t lose.”

Okay then. We have a feeling that between him taking his sweet time producing and the drama still surrounding Britney’s personal life, a May release might be pushing it.

If these reports are true, we’re pretty excited by this lineup of producers, but we’d be more interested if Brit collaborated with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, like everyone else this year.

And in honor of today being the sixth anniversary of Brit dropping her final pre-bonkers album In the Zone, here’s the “Toxic” video—not like you need a reason to watch it.

  1. David

    Yes! Keep that girl busy and she may just make it!

  2. I love Miss Spears but her half-assing her way threw this tour and every music video since Peace Of Me Is too much for me to process, she needs to sit back and just take some time off shes got this dead in the face look about everything she does.

    She needs a break that shes not going to be forced to come back from and then maybe shell be back to her old self and seem like she actually enjoys having a booming career.

    Britney and Beyonce? That would be the most interesting collaboration since Eminem and Elton John!

  3. Stephen

    I hope so because britney likes to be working the whole time she has a brilliant work ethnic, she has been working on this album for quite a long time so to get good songs etc…, unlike circus which has good songs but was rushed due to public demand it seems as if she is taking her time on this one. Love ya Britney <3 xx

  4. Holy fuck – “work ethnic”? Comment bots must try harder <3 xx

  5. Could there be anyone less involved with making her records than she is? She seems pretty much inconsequential to the process. I’m not saying the product is bad – just that she has little to do with it.

  6. @urbanator:

    I wonder what songs she would write if she played guitar and did an acoustic type record.

  7. Jess


    anyone thinking that after this album she’ll be taking a break? DUH.
    and its not like shes recoding songs EVERYDAY. jeez lighten up- she’s got six months. I think you guys might be the ones rushing it.

  8. Tim

    umm i would love a song with Lil Wayne, Gaga, and Beyonce, any of those would be great… maybe britney can have some help, instead of being on her own, like with Circus.

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