Allison Iraheta’s ‘Friday I’ll Be Over U’ Vid Channels A-ha

Nov 19th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Something about the video for Allison Iraheta’s “Friday I’ll Be Over U” makes the actual song seem a little less like a Kelly Clarkson leftover from five years ago. Maybe it’s the way the clip pays homage to a-ha’s classic “Take On Me” vid by employing rotoscoping. Or maybe it’s just the fact that Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s latest singles have completely underwhelmed.

The short snippets of Allison’s forthcoming Just Like You album didn’t exactly bust the Wow! scale last week. But as we said then, it could be a grower, and total judgment is reserved till the full thing is heard.

In the meantime, here’s the video for the Max Martin/Shellback-produced “Friday I’ll Be Over U”:

And—why not—here’s a-ha’s “Take On Me”:

  1. CraigP

    I’m liking this song better – can definitely see it being played on Radio Disney.

  2. Likeit

    I like the video once it gets to showing the band. I think the video fits the music and a teen audiance as I think was intended. Allison of course is fantastic in it. I like the song and the video gave it a fresh new feel.

    After I listened to the song snipets for Just Like U over and over a few times I was hooked. I preordered. Adam disapointed but Allison delivered. She is still her broad ranging self. She can sing anything and deliver it in a way that you like it.
    I’ll be downloading this video.

  3. Ronny

    Love the video, love her cloths (she looks beautiful), I like the art as well…. Just a perfect fit to the song…. I understand that some ppl don’t like it and that’s ok, that’s what makes us humans! Love ya Allison

  4. sassy

    She reminds me of Miley Cyrus. I don’t care for the song or video, but the kids probably will like it.

  5. williNalli

    I also listened to her SNIPPETS off of the Just Like You album, and I bought it, actually I pre-ordered three copies: two physical copies off of her website and one on iTunes.

    This VID is EPICCCCCCCCCCCC !!! It’s not even funny…

    Check out her live performances of Just Like You and Don’t Waste The Pretty. U are gonna cry like I did…

    She’s a ROCK GODDESS !!!

  6. Old Rocker Dude

    This video is full of WIN. It fits the song, it fits Allison. I’m an old guy and I really like the song – it’s not just for tweets. and BTW “sassy” – Allison sounds nothing like Miley. Cant wait for the CD to drop Dec 1. Preorder a digital and hard copy. Go Allison

  7. ianaleah

    Allison is gonna go supersonic. She is every bit as good as Joplin-and what does that mean? well, take Target music for example-you see all the current singers, and who? who? still selling after fifty (50) years-Janis Jolin albums. And Allison will have that kind of lasting success. It’s so exciting to have her on the scene.

  8. Angieallis

    Allison is already a super-Star, a RockGoddess. I am really impressed with her album, and this video is supper bad, I love it. Yep, Allison is gonna be big, huge, I love her voice and music

  9. el polacko

    i enjoyed that more than i thought i would… the video definitely helps.

  10. truth

    For me, Dog, it is a grower. The more I listen, the more I like it.


  11. truth

    WilliNalli (little scary name if I’m her), thank you so much for mentioning the live vid’s.

    And yes I did, sniffle. That is how i know she is “It”. I cannot control my reactions when she sings. Mindblowing talent at a young age from a genuine, unassuming person.

  12. therealdbuck10

    To me, without being biased, Allison is just as good as Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson, maybe better. Allison's album is definately SOLID! Quiet frankly, it is the best album I have heard by any past or present American Idol contestant. I don't understand why she isn't getting more fan fare & love by the media. It almost seems like she is being ignored which would be heartbreaking because her album & her talent truly are awesome.

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