Is The Susan Boyle Album Leak Completely Irrelevant?

Nov 19th, 2009 // 15 Comments

If an album leaks on the Internet, but everyone’s already pre-ordered it, does it make a sound? The upcoming debut of Britain’s Got Talent winner-turned-America’s-sweetheart Susan Boyle has made its way online. But judging from stealth pre-order sales for I Dreamed A Dream, there may not be many fans left who didn’t already pay for her collection.

CNN reported this morning that I Dreamed A Dream has now become the most pre-ordered CD in the history of (Crikey! How did this happen, Kris Allen?)

Columbia Records issued a statement saying, “One of the things that is so unique about Susan Boyle is her ability to touch people around the world.” Naughty!

I Dreamed A Dream will be officially released next week. Clips of the songs have been available on iTunes for a couple weeks now, and there are really no revelatory surprises lying in wait on the full album. What you’ve already heard, vocally, in the months since Susan Boyle became a headline-grabbing reality show contestant is what you get—and that’s not a bad thing.

At any rate, we may just find that Boyle’s sales record could coincide with her dual accomplishment of having the least illegally-downloaded album in history. Then again, can Susan Boyle’s fans really be trusted to hold out till Monday?

Speaking of which, here’s “Manic Monday”:

  1. Maria

    Why will we have to hold out ’til Tuesday? Her CD comes out Monday like all other CDs that week.

    Also, the CNN story is wrong – there was a story on this site a while ago when Susan’s Cd became the most ordered in the history of in the US. See

    Today, Susan Boyle’s CD became the most pre-ordered in all of Amazon music WORLDWIDE. Including, etc.

  2. Devo

    I don’t think the leak will matter — most of the people buying this album are of an older generation that still buy physical CDs, most wouldn’t even know it leaked and wouldn’t know how to find it online anyway

  3. @Maria: Hi Maria. Assuming you might be in Europe, or elsewhere. New CDs released in the U.S. on Tuesday.

  4. Maria

    Oh boy. Robbie, you should check. All CDs on the week of Black Friday come out on Monday. All the material from the artists with CD drops this coming week list Nov 23. Susan Boyle’s info says “Nov 23 Worldwide.”

    I’m in the US. :)

    And I hope you’re right Devo. But it’s still blatant theft. Pure and simple. Susan Boyle has spent her life waiting for the moment when her CD is released, and some people apparently think they can simply steal it.

  5. Maria

    But forgot to say… Thanks for the article! Love reading about Susan Boyle.

  6. Mary Jo

    No more irrelevant than shoplifting. Music theft is one reason the music industry is dying off except for reality tv–artists can’t support themselves if their music is stolen. I’ve already pre-ordered 2 discs, one from Japan which has an extra song, & will buy more in the store, because I want to here Susan’s NEXt album. Stolen music on the internet should be prosecuted like shoplifting. And devo, we not only know how to find leaks, Susan’s fans have already reported them & had them removed from YouTube prior to this.

  7. @Maria: WHAT? You mean Susan will be touching people all over the world a day early? Thanks, Maria. Just caught a CBS story on that. Amending now

  8. @Maria “some people apparently think they can simply steal it”

    @Mary Jo “No more irrelevant than shoplifting”

    Do you realize that the label that is putting out Susan’s album (under what ungodly terms i don’t even want to know) is one of the reasons the music industry has not adapted to the technology that allows file-sharing, thus making victims out of all of their artists’ bottom lines? File sharing is an unbelievably powerful promotional tool for upcoming artists like Susan Boyle. Susan is not known throughout the world because of her label’s promotion of her album, she is known because millions of people passed on YouTube links of her TV performance, and watched the coverage of her on the news. No one paid for this.

    While major labels have refused to adapt, Artists themselves are finding new income streams all the time and true fans are stepping up and contributing. Susan will make more money and have more long-term viability from you going to her shows and buying her merch than she will from you buying multiple copies of her album. Unless of course her label will screw her by recouping on that too, but that’s ok right? Long live major labels, down with illegal downloading! Let’s party like it’s 1999!

  9. andrew burns

    I am a huge susan fan and all the susan sites are blacklisting any sites that have pirated copies of the cd.It will not matter in the slightest unless they are kids who dload it as all of the older generation will buy it to support susan.And because she is simply the best singer in the world,Not even close.The sites run by susan admirers are outstanding people and will not tolerate anyone putting pirated copies on there sites.And remember it is now globally the most pre ordered in the world ,what would the figures have been like if amazon had allowed more than 3 per person.It will be some day this monday when it is released,And a day to remember in New york city.She deserves every ounce of success.I have ordered 6 and many in know have ordered between 10 and 20 for xmas gifts.

  10. Maria


    What I do know is that every person makes a decision to illegally download an album or single, thus depriving the artist of their fee.

    At a time when legal downloading easily can provide a product there’s no excuse for simply taking it. I don’t care if you don’t like the record company. I don’t like the people who run my local grocery store – should I steal a bunch of food out of it?

    I think the car companies leave a lot to be desired. They haven’t adapted to changes in the industry. So, should I take their cars?

    Please. Ridiculous excuses for plain and simple theft.

  11. BrendaF

    People who illegally download music obviously like the artist, but what they don’t realize is if that artists album doesn’t sell well, it will be the last album that artist makes. Period.
    It’s not all about money, it’s about popularity and the ability to sell.
    It’s theft, just as anything else that’s stolen.
    I bought several of Susan’s CD’s because I want her to have success, her voice is amazing and she’s worked very hard for this.



  13. I dont think so and it will not matter. She is a good artist.

  14. Music Lover

    @Maria – brilliant analogies. People like insideoutbox make a contradictory argument: the labels don’t give artists enough money, so I will take the music for free, and make sure that the artist gets NOTHING. That makes a lot of sense. What a great way to support artist rights!!

  15. Endya

    Newsflash BrendaF: IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.

    Personally, there are a few atists that I do support, but I would be lying by saying that I download their albums. I do simply for the sake of hearing the quality of music and if I love over half of that album, I will legally buy it. If I don’t, I just don’t listen to it anymore, nor do I pass on a rapidshare link of the leaked album.

    people like insideoutbox, though it may sound contradictory, does make a point. Major record labels do not support these artists the way they should because of the age that we live in. It’s all about money, popularity, and what’s the flavor of the moment. They don’t look for longevity in music and artists anymore, which is why these artists flop, not necessarily because of illegal downloading.

    The quality of music is so piss poor that people just prefer to have if for free because they feel it’s not worth spending their hard earned money, regardless of if they truly support the artist.

    As far as Susan Boyle, I think she has a lovely voice/talent, and I wish her much success. Will I legally/illegally download her album? No, because I’m not interested in her. Unless mp3′s are encrypted with some kind of code that can block music files from being played or something, this problem will go on for a long time.

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