Shocking News: Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Pushed Back…Again

Nov 20th, 2009 // 9 Comments

This should surprise absolutely no one—Lil Wayne’s Rebirth has been pushed back yet again. This time notes Weezy’s seventh studio album has moved merely six days, from December 15 to December 21.

If this date sticks—and why should we think it will?Rebirth will be pitted against that week’s other high-profile releases, like Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond, Mary J. Blige’s Stronger With Each Tear and Eminem’s Relapse: Refill.  Wayne’s album is reportedly being released as a double-disc set with Young Money’s debut, We Are Young Money.

At this point you have to start wondering: How exactly did Wayne’s Rebirth skate so dangerously into Chinese Democracy territory?

Sigh. At least no one can claim Weezy hasn’t kept himself busy in the interim.


  1. Jay

    its still gonna be raw, who cares if it goes up vs usher hes old and sucks. eminem aint got nothin if its like the first relapse that album was a joke it had 1 good song “beautiful” Wayne’s still gonna sell most records

  2. Brad

    Ur funny Jay
    im not tryin to listen to lil’ wayne’s skweaky voice anymore
    Usher i sellin big and i feel that most people are gettin sick of hearin lil’ wayne anyways.
    Yeah man!

  3. Theone

    Mary J is a must have. All the others… I will wait until I hear something worth purchasing.

  4. ASID

    gonna buy 5 copes of Refill

    waiting for 2010 , Relapse 2!!!!!!

  5. Usher has really lost his touch lately… I really liked that Mary J song “one” it never caught on though and she went all out for the video, Eminem just doesnt got it anymore. Hope Mary comes out number 1 that weak as for Wayne he needs to go sit down somewhere Ive had about enough of him he almost ruined that new Shakira song…..

  6. wtf are you talkin about, he kills every song he’s on. used to like em but he relapse really sucked

  7. lil wayne a good ass rapper but hes a phony .every time he talks about guns i just laugh at him cuz he thinks he lived the life but never ever has.

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