The American Music Awards: Keeping the Michael Jackson Tributes Going

Hey folks, just a quick note to let you know we’ll be liveblogging the American Music Awards this Sunday night (ABC, 8/7central — we’ll be here for the Pacific time zone broadcast) so please come by as we bow down to/bitch about who won what, who blew whom off the stage and who ripped off Lady Gaga’s look most blatantly. A few things we should all reasonably expect to see:

:: Janet Jackson opening yet another awards show with an eight-minute medley of her hits, followed by her getting winded after repeat visits to the stage to accept trophies for her late brother. (He picked up five nominations, including a pair for an album that came out in 2003.)

:: Whitney Houston performing something from her comeback “I Look To You,” miraculously looking like this phase of her life never happened. But will ABC “sweeten” her voice (again)?

:: Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing “Empire State of Mind”—and maybe a lil bit from its sequel?

:: Timbaland performing his single “Morning After Dark” with SoShy and Nelly Furtado. Too bad, because we’d be curious to hear his song with Miley Cyrus, who is expected to attend and, also, to say something else that will alienate young fans.

:: Jennifer Lopez singing her new single “Louboutins,” most likely once again failing to justify whatever compensation she receives for her recording career.

:: Rihanna performing a song off Rated-R while Chris Brown somehow manages to use this to propel his own career.

:: Adam Lambert, closing the show with (we expect) his single “For Your Entertainment” while hauling women around the stage and looking prettier than Shakira.

The full list of nominees, in case you need a refresher.

Catch ya Sunday night!

  • Hannah

    Didn’t Idolator used to be really pretentious?

  • Andrea Tutrani

    How can it be the AMA’s without the Legendary King of Pop winning several awards ? It’s only fitting that he win.

  • judith rowe


  • Mr. Middletown

    Really looking forward to Miss Jackson performing, and hoping Whitney really sharpens up and throws down on the vocals. I just know Rihanna and Jenny-Lo’s performances are going to be disasters even thought I’m rooting for Jen.

    Not too thrilled about all the Michael noms and potential wins tho…..

  • Ms. Reality

    Yeah Rihanna’s gonna suck…Because she does suck. At least J-lo and Janet can dance. Whitney will still out-sing ever other performer there even if it isn’t her best…

  • Morals over Music

    Amazing – Michael Jackson as hero?

    As I await the results of the awards, I am surprized to see that a pedofile is being regarded as an American icon. Such a shame – and sad commentary on the morals of our times.
    The man was a good performer, true – he had loads of talent, yes.
    But he was not a person to be admired. No matter how much money he (or his family or his publicity team) paid out to “whitewash” his character, the knowledge of his abuse of children should override all else.
    Yet we honor him in spite of it all (or because of it?)
    It will be interesting to see just how many awards he receives at the upcoming ceremony and how many people will “suck up” to his memory while ignoring the truth.

  • Skeptical

    Morals over Music, Why do you keep saying Michael Jackson was a pedophile? Like you KNOW this for a FACT, which you Don’t. Just that you are among the brainwashed sheep that jump on the media bandwagon train. Why then, did the 1993 accusers father just commit suicide??? Maybe he couldn’t live with all the LIES he told for greed and money and fame. Anything for a Buck.
    Michael is, was and will always be one of the Greatest Entertainers who ever Lived. He will always be the King of Pop no matter how many of you try to take him down. Michael was NOT a child abuser. Michael Jackson was the one who was abused by people with the greed for money. His money that he worked hard for.

  • lyla

    MICHAEL JACKSON WAS INNOCENT, anyone with a brain, and who actually bothers to pick up a book backed by the trial transscripts, would know that, anyway i hope he wins everything he’s nominated for, he deserves and more, JANet is gonna be awsome!
    really lookin forward to jennifer lopez performing

  • Travis

    MJ was innocent. Do the research and you’ll see all the “evidence” of any child abuse falls right apart. Authors, journalists, and even political figures have invested time and money into trying to prove MJ was a pedophile and came up empty handed. It’s because that claim is simply NOT true. MJ is an American music hero and should be honored in every way possible.

  • SWB from Indiana

    Michael Jackson was innocent. Like Travis said they tried and tried to prove MJ molested two boys, but they never could because the accusations were false. The truth prevailed and justice was done in the court case. Millions and millions of people around the world know Michael Jackson didn’t do it, but since Morals over Music believes he did, everyone else in the world is wrong? Pretty arrogant, I’d say.

  • dsven

    Can we just end this conversation thread already. Guilty or innocent, it’s been discussed ad nauseum on hundreds of other sites. Is this really what the “new, improved” Idolator has become?

  • Nikola

    Janet confirmed that she wont be accepting Michael’s awards. She will only perform her own songs and that’s it. She also said that MTV performance was her first and last tribute to Mike. Enough with that already.

    Anyway. I can-t wait to see Janet tomorrow.

    Janet is really giving “IT” To us! Remember she’s “Janet Jackson,” the 7th richest woman in entertainment according to Forbes Magazine. She’s made her mark..she doesn’t “Have to” do anything if she doesn’t want to!

  • alexa

    Janet also plugged her new album and book while discussing Michael’s death Wednesday night.

    Anyway, I wish Michael’s children could accept his awards. That would be so touching.
    We will probably see Auntie LaToya or Uncle Jermaine accept, if it wasn’t for Michael Jacksons death how else would they get to be on TV.

  • huh

    so is idolator all about music loved by 12 year olds now? we dont care about adam lambert or britney spears or jennifer lopez or alicia keys or any of this other crap youve been writing about.

  • TotallyN2Musc

    @huh: Speak for yourself.

  • TotallyN2Musc

    What happened to the live-blogging????



  • TotallyN2Musc

    @ZOMBIEBOT-C37: Live blogging + amas/vmas//// shes ruining my ritual of watching and reading idolator commentary simultaneously….



  • RebelRebel

    You guys saw they said the West Coast broadcast, right?

  • dsven

    What exactly is the point of “liveblogging” an event if it’s already aired?

    Spoiler: Michael Jackson won a crapload of awards.

  • Rose

    Did jennifer Lopez just fall during her performance???

  • BklynLady

    To all the self-righteous know-it-all types that keep posting fiction as though it is fact…i.e. Michael Jackson is a pedofile…WTF is wrong with you? The reason he was proven innocent on child molestation charges is because…he was. Sometimes our great American system actually works. You people villified him enough while he was alive. Let the man rest in peace. Just stop it already.

  • MhS

    that’s true it is not a fact that Michael Jackson is a pedophile, it is more accurate to say Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

  • AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    @Mhs & @BklynLady “To all the self-righteous know-it-all types that keep posting fiction as though it is fact…i.e. Michael Jackson is a pedofile…WTF is wrong with you? The reason he was proven innocent on child molestation charges is because…he was. Sometimes our great American system actually works. You people villified him enough while he was alive. Let the man rest in peace. Just stop it already.”

    Just thought that deserved to be the final word…again.. :)

  • MhS

    sorry I don’t think so

  • dianne

    how dare anyone put down michael jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!he was the best and always will be he best. taylor swift u are a joke. will michael win anything at the cma’s ????? go back home to mommy and daddy taylor and give the award to who we all know REALLY DESERVES it. may michael rest in peace. he is greatly missed

  • MhS

    and the intellectual level of the discourse remains high

  • dianne

    do i spot a bit of JEALOUSY there, oh the young and inexperienced. if you could only understand the true meaning of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some day when u grow up u might. i am blessed to have had michael’s music in my lifetime and so did my child. God needed a new angel’s voice in heaven.

  • dianne

    a note to u anonymouse. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES proven innocent innocent, innocent. May the king rest in peace

  • MhS




  • Deborah Ffrench

    To morals over music:

    Most people know the truth now inside their hearts. Now that the relentless barrage of distorted media coverage has stopped, people have had a chance to think for themselves instead of being ‘told’ what to believe by people like Dimond, who were themselves reliant on nothing more than hearsay and the lies of compromised accusers. It will however will take time for the truth to be acknowledged properly by those responsible for the hysterical frenzy that obscured the glaring anomalies in the accusers stories in the first place.

    What this gentlest of souls and peerless artist was put through is a savage indictament of the now standard ‘take aim’ and ‘destroy’ default position that the media employs in relation to the people it ‘goes after.’ The reason why the lies took such a ‘hold’ with Michael Jackson was because of the unspoken homophobia within the status quo of the American legal and media industries and the undeniable ‘difference’ of Michael – that meant people were prepared to believe the very worst about him.

    What was done must never be forgotten – and there are millions of us who will make sure it won’t.

  • prasanna

    For those whose minds had been manipulated by media lies here is the truth if you are lazy to do your own research. Google for Chandler suicide highlights media bias against Michael Jackson by Charles Thomson.