Timbaland Vamps It Up In The ‘Morning After Dark’ Vid

Nov 23rd, 2009 // 8 Comments

Yes, yes—vampires are very now, very chic. But with all the goofy faces Timbaland is sporting in the video for “Morning After Dark”—which also features singer SoShy—the menacing bloodsuckers aren’t the creepiest thing in the clip.

In the cheesy music vid/short film, a sexy student who’s spending her last week in Italy reluctantly heads off to a party, where she has several encounters with the walking dead. All the while, Timbaland sort of narrates by singing and bulging his eyes for exaggerated emphasis. Well, either that or a swarm of gnats flew into his oculars.

And what a way to try to capitalize on vamp mania—by releasing the music video for “Morning After Dark” following New Moon‘s smash opening weekend.

Check out Tim’s facial contorting below:

Nelly Furtado also sings on the version of “Morning After Dark” that will feature on Timbaland’s Shock Value II, which is currently set for a December 4 release. Last week “Crazy Girl,” a track with Justin Timberlake that didn’t make the cut, leaked.

Here’s Timbaland, SoShy and Furtado performing “Morning After Dark” last night on the American Music Awards:

  1. Fashion Bug

    Although it reminds me uncomfortably of “Vampire In Brooklyn,” Timbaland is such a playful, plus-size goofball that I love it. This is like “Twilight” for Lane Bryant customers–oh, and I love how one of his “back-up” rumblers looks like Nicole Kidman.

  2. duuuuh

    If you don’t know Tim then shut up…he is known for his funny personality. Idot’s. Look at his old videos. Every one is a critic…don’t hate

  3. MhS

    Yeah! all you idot’s stop with hating yet already

  4. ceezee

    this song is like aural sex! best music I’ve heard in a long time!

  5. Tod Hackett

    Wow, I thought only Dave Matthews was brazen enough to make faces like that in a music video.

  6. Requiem

    The real questions are: “is Italy only made of Bialetti coffee maker and some flags?” and “do French girls really wear those red hats?”. Welcome to the narrow way to see the world.

  7. tonefunk

    Yeah man, Timbo’s been making funny faces (despite his awesome monotone delivery in old songs he produced) since like ’93.

  8. Bill

    He's contorting his face in a sort of dark humor, or is it because the entire time the song is being sung his character is fighting his urge to grab the girl and give her “the embrace” and reveal his true vampiric nature?….awesome song

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