Kelis Goes ‘Acapella’ With Her New David Guetta-Produced Single

Nov 23rd, 2009 // 12 Comments

Kelis posted brand new song “Acapella” to her official site today (where you can weigh in with your comments on the song in a Twitter widget). The minimal dance track is produced by knob twiddler du jour, David Guetta.

“I was asked if I would ever put another album out,” Kelis writes on her site. “I suppose people assumed after the baby and divorce and all the time I took off (went to culinary school during my break which was amazing and another conversation) that it would be on to motherhood for me… My album is pretty much done. I signed a new deal and I’m madly in love with life and ready to share something with you.”

And, it turns out, “Acapella” isn’t a bad little tune. In fact, it’s highly reminiscent of Kylie Minogue’s spacy “Light Years,” from her same-titled 2000 album.

Kelis’ 2006 LP Kelis Was Here was a highly underrated—if not slightly all over the place—effort, but she’s always been a tough act to market. Nice to see her getting another shot and branching out even more, musically, after being dropped by Jive.

  1. LOVE kelis LOVE this track

  2. Devo

    was confused at the Light Years reference at first but definitely makes sense

  3. Mike

    her 2006 album was called Kelis Was Here

  4. @Mike: Really Robbie – WTF?! Are these glaring errors your fault or problems with the press releases you’re cutting and pasting?

  5. Thieves Get Caught

    I’m all for supporting weird divas…and “Milkshake” was one of the strangest ubiquitous pop jamz to conquer the world. Here’s hoping she comes up with something worthy to follow it up to make Nas jealous.

  6. @Mike: Thanks for catching. I guess I just can’t think of Kelis in the past tense.


    @Thieves Get Caught: Why would Nas be jealous…lets not be dumb here!!! This has nothing to do with Nas and personnally I doubt that he even cares what Kelis does musically besides Nas is considered one of the GOAT’S in hip hop!!! As far as Kelis goes this song will do nothing for me and it sounds like all the techno music that has been out for years.

  8. Not loving this but she is worthy. If anyone has not heard it, I think her best track is unexpectedly beautiful – “Marathon” from the Tasty album.

  9. Kelis is the queen!

    But everyone knows that Keleidoscope and Wanderland were her best albums.

  10. excellent! guetta 4eva!!!!

  11. Alison

    Love this song!

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