Timbaland, SoShy And Nelly Furtado Kind Of Sing For Conan

Nov 24th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Timbaland is sticking to the promo trail for his upcoming album, Shock Value II. Sunday he performed new single “Morning After Dark” with SoShy and Nelly Furtado at the American Music Awards, and last night the trio hit up The Tonight Show to belt out the tune for Conan O’Brien.

Although, “belt” might not exactly be the proper term. It sounded like Timbaland was sing-rapping over a guide track (or three), but you could still hear his live voice despite all the advanced technology. As for Nelly Furtado—well, you be the judge.

Would you call that whispering or mumbling? Maybe Nelly’s just resting her voice for her next performance. On the flip side, SoShy sounded quite lively.

And at least all the promotion is working. As of today, “Morning After Dark” is currently up to #36 on the iTunes Top Songs chart.

  1. Kay

    Nelly wasn’t as bad as I feared after seeing your write-up. And I give her props for at least singing live. Maybe if we all weren’t so hard on artists for not sounding perfect when they sing live, they might tend to do it more often. It’s the lip synching stuff that is the real travesty in music, and that’s just not talked about enough.

  2. Eros

    I really liked the performance and the beat. It’s true that Nelly definitely didn’t blast here, but then again it’s originally meant for Timbaland and SoShy only. Besides, Nelly is already an experienced superstar and it wouldn’t be fair if she overshadowed SoShy who is btw great and just about becoming more famous internationally. Nelly is actually meant to be like the least accentuated feature in this performance and song generally, so she just was (excluding she was looking best of all 3, lol). And if you listen the playback version carefully, you can hear that Nelly’s part is harmonized, that she herself sang 2 or 3 different melodies in her part on the track, and one of them is extremely low, so she sang that one here + she was kinda quiet (unlike previous AMA performance where she sang differently). Anyway, I think Nelly generally sings great live and if you’re skeptic you should check some other performances of her own (especially non-Timbaland) songs. Also, sorry if you’re a fan of her like me, so you know what I’m talking about, lol. Btw, great blog :)

  3. Bigfan

    Please, SoShy stole this show. Timbaland did good on the hook but Nelly was lifeless.

  4. Mehaga

    Totally agreed with Bigfan. SoShy stole the show.

  5. Wendy Kopasz

    This song rocks. Timbaland is very talented and has an amazing voice. SoShy and Nelly were amazing.

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