The Muppets Do ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ And Fill Us With Joy

As a pre-Thanksgiving weekend treat, The Muppets Studio has gifted the world with The Muppets covering Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” complete with their own take of the iconic video. Why? Who cares why. It exists, and you should be thankful just for that.

Amazing video after the jump (though, to be nitpicky, we’re curious what the Muppets could do with the more current “Bad Romance” or “Russian Roulette” vids).

Hey, Jason Segel, can you hurry up with that Muppet movie you’re working on already?

  • drunkwithpower

    Must everything relate to lady gaga? She’s not fit to launder the muppets, much less have the honor of their acknowledgement.

  • Robbie Daw

    @drunkwithpower: Don’t let Kermit hear you say that DWP. He was her date at the VMAs.

  • MhS

    this site is now dedicated to analyzing Lady Gaga’s bowel movements don’t you know

  • thelatespaceboy

    errm.. while a totally awesome muppet moment, i have to killjoy out a little by noting that The Jim Henson Co gave the muppet ghost up to The Disney Co a few years ago. i think they still own fraggle rock and the labyrinth.

  • MhS

    fact checking ain’t exactly Becky’s strong suit

  • Becky Bain

    @thelatespaceboy: that was definitely wishful thinking that the JHC still owned the Muppets. i think i’ve been in denial for the past few years. thanks for the catch though.

  • AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Can I further upset everyone by mentioning that Hollywood Records, Disney’s major label, is also the home of Queen material these days?

    I am not anti-Disney because, though corporatization is truly lamentable, I do respect their efforts at least to rep quality material, for the most part.

    I think it’s good to be aware of insidiousness, but it doesn’t have to make the actual good stuff less enjoyable for nothing other than its ownership.

  • menyc

    Maybe the muppets wouldn’t cover RussianRoulette as no one will remember that it existed in 9 more days.

    No, Becky doesn’t fact check. Nick Denton, please stop this.